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Rejuvenation warrants continuity at Bessels

Bessels architekten & engineers has its 40th anniversary in October. ‘My ambition is to continue for many more years’, says founder and owner Herman Bessels, who will be 70 soon. But he does not do this on his own: a..

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Yakult: ‘We are a bacteria company’

10 September 2019

Worldwide, 40 million people drink the fermented dairy drink Yakult. The production process starts with a small tube of bacteria of our mother company from Japan. ‘Growing a minimum of 6.5 billion bacteria per bottle in ...

Shelf space for the food of the future at LIDL

10 September 2019

Burgers of tomato surpluses, bitterbals of circularly grown oyster mushrooms and muesli of saved peanuts. These and other sustainable products, coming from start-ups, were on the shelves of Lidl last summer. A next step ...

Three generations of passion for honest meat

10 September 2019

Mark Willems was only 18 when he joined his father’s partnership and was given the opportunity to start a meat-processing company within it: the third generation of a family with a passion for honest meat. During the ...

Opportunities for Simons Halal Food

07 May 2019

In 1991, Simons started producing halal meat products on a small scale. In 2019, the company is operating globally on a large scale. What happened between then and now?  Simons Halal Food is the largest supplier ...

With the OSV at Simons Halal

28 April 2019

On Thursday 25 April 2019, we visited Simons Halal Food in Roermond, together with more than 60 members of the Ondernemers Sociëteit Voedingsindustrie (OSV).  Simons Halal Food is the largest supplier of private lab...

Setting course at the kitchen table

09 April 2019

Jos Looman (31) started his career at Rundvlees & Co six years ago. As soon as he saw an opportunity, he took on more responsibilities. And now he manages the beef wholesaler. With success: Rundvlees & Co is grow...

Few additions at Chateau Briand Soest

04 February 2019

A young business, yet with many years of experiences, is pushing forward. Chateau Briand Soest makes no concessions when it comes to quality. Their sausages and meatballs are traditionally pure and delicious products. ...

Animal welfare and/or sustainability

04 February 2019

Storteboom Fresh in Putten, part of the British 2 Sisters Food Group, is the most animal-friendly poultry slaughterhouse in the Netherlands*. But do they apply sustainable practices as well? General Manager Harm Laros te...

Data, insight, and return

13 November 2018

A state of the art slaughterhouse was established in IJsselstein in 2015. With this sophisticated company, Westfort Meat Products builds on a long history in pork meat. With a vision of the future aimed at growth, return...

Hutten Beef 90 years

13 November 2018

Going for quality, sustainability, transparency, and innovation has proven to be the right choice for Hutten Traditional Beef (soon under the official new name: Hutten Beef) in Heeten. "Even though the market for meat is...

Automated preparation for all the sweets

13 November 2018

Children and adults from around the world have enjoyed happy moments with Matthijs sweets for nearly 100 years. And the sales market keeps on growing. This growth requires an expansion of the production capacity while ma...

The butcher demands, Van Dalen delivers

13 November 2018

What are the daily activities and work methods at a medium-sized, artisanal meat processing company? Dick Wever, Executive Director of G. van Dalen's Vleescentrale, lets us look behind the scenes and shares his vision on...

Successful collaboration

13 November 2018

Meat company Boni Vers Ambacht in Nijkerk and Espera, manufacturer of weighing and price labelling machines in Eindhoven, have known each other for a long time, but their collaboration really kicked off when important ch...

Food safety and craftsmanship go hand in hand

13 November 2018

At Zalmhuis Steur, salmon is being conserved and smoked in the same way for already a century. This traditional and artisanal work method provides an excellent taste and quality. But how can the food safety be guaranteed...

Coca-Cola and Blücher, same high standards

09 October 2018

Blücher found a partner with the same corporate values in Coca-Cola European Partners Nederland: high quality, sustainability, and high hygiene standards.  Blücher assortment Eveline Bruins: "We manufacture st...