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Packaging: sustainable versus political gain

The European Commission is 'through with it': the EU's packaging waste policy has failed. That is why the EU is intervening with new legislation. Which is SO detailed that it is going to have a lot of impact on the food ..

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Producing cheese with a consistently high quality

13 October 2015

Dairy company De Graafstroom is committed to producing high-quality cheese with an optimally balanced moisture, fat, protein and salt content. Because the fundamental ingredient is a natural product, the variance in the ...

3D Foodprinting

13 October 2015

Picture the scene: you go into a restaurant, possibly with the CAD files for your self-designed pasta which you give to the chef. A little later your personal pasta is served to you on a plate, accompanied by a delicious...

Smart Industry: Eat or be (b)eaten!

13 October 2015

The unstoppable rise of digitalisation in combination with new advancements will result in dramatic changes to the global economy over the next decade. In the Netherlands too, this development will lead to a new industri...

Trends in automation a view of the future

13 October 2015

The pace of change in the food industry is fast. Trends follow one another in quick succession and the consumer is becoming increasingly demanding. Therefore, food production must be even more hygienic, efficient, cost-e...

New at QiSoft

08 September 2015

As of 15 September Victor van Linden is the new Sales Manager Benelux at QiSOFT Nederland, where he will be responsible for further expanding the sales of QIS in the food industry and other processed-based sectors. ...

Paperless order picking

30 June 2015

The advantages of paperless order picking with Reflex 3000: significant reduction in the number of order pick errors! Decrease in the number of split deliveries! Simple packaging registration! Productivity an...

Everything under control with FOBIS®

30 June 2015

FOBIS® has been the preferred automation system for leading companies in the food industry for many years. Thanks to the numerous sector-specific functionalities and the extremely flexible design of its software, FOBIS® ...


30 June 2015

It sounds almost too good to be true: a temperature and humidity logger which installs itself, measuring results that are available online immediately, and loggers with a 10-year battery life. Unprecedented convenience c...

iMIS Food

30 June 2015

iMIS Food by QAssurance enables producers to manage their own food safety in real time. iMIS Food comprises various management systems (operating manual, checks, reports, specifications and labelling, tracing) and profes...

Trief Twister SP+

30 June 2015

The TREIF Twister SP+ is the latest advancement in fresh-meat slicing, enabling strips and cubes to be cut in the most efficient manner possible. Thanks to an innovation by TREIF, the Twister SP+ sets itself apart with i...

CONO Kaasmakers opts for XML interface

30 June 2015

CONO Kaasmakers opened its new cheese production facility last year. Since much of the data that is generated during the process is stored automatically, operators no longer need to perform administrative tasks. Instead,...

Keeping fresh products cool

30 June 2015

Van Kempen, a leading player in refrigeration engineering, is specialised in industrial air conditioning for products in the fresh produce, flower, meat and fish sectors. In order to guarantee quality, the company has al...

QIS Manufacturing Intelligence Software

30 June 2015

QIS provides for management of raw materials quality, real-time operations and process monitoring, product quality assurance, document control, product release, customer reporting and certification, environmental records...

New location for Hutten en Zonen

12 May 2015

Hutten en Zonen intends to become the most modern and most sustainable beef slaughterhouse and meat processing company in Europe. The company opened its new production facility in the Dutch town of Heeten in early March ...

4FOOD ERP software

14 April 2015

There is a growing need for transparency in the food chain; recent food scandals have placed traceability and transparency high on the agenda. Fierce competition makes optimal efficiency essential, which for food manufac...