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Not 'Human OR machine' but 'Human AND machine’

Recruiting new and retaining existing production workers is becoming increasingly difficult. In some cases, retaining them is even impossible. Workers retire, fall ill for extended periods, or move away. If they do leave..

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Overzicht in- en verkoopcontracten

05 October 2018

Bent u soms het overzicht kwijt van uw lopende inkoop- en verkoopcontracten? Wordt er geboekt op verkeerde contracten? Weet u altijd hoeveel u nog op een contract kunt boeken? Mist u bij ordergave inzicht in actieve cont...

GS1 DatakwaliTijd 2.0: hard consequences

18 September 2018

After frequent encouragement, the curtain has fallen on GS1 Data Source for some fifty suppliers in the food and drugstore sector. They are the first companies to be excluded from the database because they do not meet th...

DatakwaliTijd 2.0: consequences for suppliers

12 June 2018

The companies in the GS1 board are clear: there is confusion about the slow progression of the DatakwaliTijd 2.0 programme. After all, its success is in the interest of both retail and industry. However, not all supplier...

Tracing based on the blockchain

08 May 2018

Bureau Veritas is launching Origin, a tracing label for the entire course taken by a foodstuff, from farm to table. This solution was presented in Tokyo on 5 March 2018 to an international audience during the Global Food...

Production automation at Zwanenberg Oss

08 May 2018

After Zwanenberg Food Group acquired the Unilever factory in Oss, there was a need for new automation. The current Unilever system had to be replaced quickly. Due to the good experiences other locations had had with the ...

Smart quality managers opt for automation

11 December 2017

More and more companies are replacing their paper-based systems with online ones. Automation is a hotter topic than ever before. And yet, in the food industry, quality departments have so far tended to lag behind. Howeve...

FuiteVeal: automation is not hard

14 November 2017

The Fuite family, which has owned and run a feed mix factory and a milk factory in Genemuiden and Kampen for the past 110 years, has also opened its own slaughterhouse under the FuiteVeal name in Almere. The FOBIS automa...

Prestigious project Ameco completed

14 November 2017

Ameco set itself the ambitious target of building a completely new slaughterhouse within the space of 13 months. By May of this year, the steel framework at the site on the Ecofactorij business park in Apeldoorn was 95% ...

Smart Industry offers countless opportunities

14 November 2017

What every manufacturer ultimately wants is to make customised products with better quality and at lower costs. Recent figures reveal that the food industry is investing heavily in the enabling technologies such as big d...

Blockchain in the food sector

14 November 2017

The term ‘blockchain’ is creating a buzz in the food industry. Some people are enthusiastically claiming that it has the potential to radically change the sector, leading to substantial investment in the technology by ma...

A tailor-made machine for everyone

02 May 2017

As more and more companies are replacing manual labour with automation and letting machines do the work instead, the machine building market continues to show steady growth. Sleegers Technique BV is cleverly capitalising...

“I recruit specialists with a passion"

02 May 2017

It is difficult to find the right employees, especially in engineering, and yet Sleegers Technique BV repeatedly manages to recruit the right people for the right roles. The secret? Being at the front of the chain, and t...

A selection of Sleegers Technique unit solutions

02 May 2017

STACKER UNIT VI-04 Stacker BUFFER UNIT VI-05 Buffer OVERLAPPER INLINER UNIT VI-08 Overlapper / Inliner VI-08/500 Overlapper INLINER UNIT VI-09 Inliner UNDERLEAVER UNIT VI-11_200 Underleaver ...

Interleaver with slicer: a solid combination

02 May 2017

Sleegers Technique BV is the leading specialist when it comes to placing sheets of paper or film under or between sliced products. The process of inserting a sheet of paper or film between slices of cheese or meat immedi...

Three projects to be proud of

02 May 2017

Sleegers Techique BV revolves around the combination of high-tech solutions with the utmost attention to professionalism. Over the years, that has resulted in countless machines and production lines that are perfectly al...