Since BrightAnalytics, everyone speaks the same language
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Since BrightAnalytics, everyone speaks the same language

  • 12 October 2021

Libeert is already convinced of the huge benefits that automated management reporting can offer. Their operational reporting was becoming an increasing sales challenge, which is why the company opted for BrightAnalytics, a SaaS company that centralises both financial and operational data in a single platform. This way, the platform offers one version of the truth and instant insight into all figures.

Are you also curious about the best practices in management reporting in the food industry? On 26 and 28 October, BrightAnalytics is organising a short webinar in which we provide insight into optimising your management reporting.

Libeert's experience with BrightAnalytics

About two years ago, the family business Libeert couldn't ignore it any longer: "We had to find a way to handle the operational reporting for our sales more efficiently", starts Sam Blanckaert, Finance & IT Manager. "Making chocolate figures has been our speciality for 100 years, both in Belgium and worldwide. But making sales decisions was often cumbersome. Our ERP system, SAP, was rich in data, but we missed a good reporting tool and clear communication about figures."

After a thorough market study, Libeert chose BrightAnalytics. "A lot of systems turned out not to be user-friendly, complicated and yet expensive," says Sam Blanckaert. "BrightAnalytics easily made the connection with our ERP system and immediately provided us with ready-to-use reports that we could customise ourselves. Every day, the company is able to monitor sales evolution at customer, market and product level." 

360° overview of the entire organisation

Not long after, Libeert also opted for BrightAnalytics at the financial level. "We used to work in Excel. Today, thanks to the financial module, we have daily insight into our income statement and balance sheet," says Sam Blanckaert.

BrightAnalytics connects with both the financial and operational data, and centralises this in a single platform. This way, the management reporting platform offers one version of the truth, and everyone speaks the same language when it comes to figures.

Discover the full story of Libeert here.

Discover our best practices in the food industry

On 26 and 28 October, BrightAnalytics is organising two webinars where we share our best practices and learnings within the food industry. Find out which financial and operational tasks lend themselves perfectly to automation in 20 minutes. Think about analyses per product group or sales department, the follow-up of open balances, stock reporting, sales reporting and more.

Register here for the webinar, or contact us for a personalised demo. 

Source: BrightAnalytics