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Online edition June 2024: Construnction | Cooling and freezing

Once you decide to start a construction or renovation project, questions arise. What materials will you choose? Are they sustainable? What does that mean for fire safety? Where will you get your power f..

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Column Judith Witte: Hygiene Protocols in Food Industry

20 November 2023

At our house, the atmosphere is buzzing with the spirit of a 'spring cleaning'. The low-lying autumn sun mercilessly reveals the Saharan sand on the windows - it's high time to clean it off. Climbing to the attic to fetc...

Column: Food in focus, safety assured

20 November 2023

Unique recipes, fantastic flavours, and satisfied customers are the driving forces of your food business. But whether you're processing meat, producing confectionery, or delivering dairy, food safety is the standard in e...

Comprehensive cap inspection for bottles and jars

20 November 2023

Ensuring that bottles and jars are perfectly sealed is crucial. Missed, skewed, or non-sealable caps can lead to unnecessary product wastage and potential recalls. Antares Vision's cap inspection systems ensure that only...

Advantages of Automating Production Control

14 November 2023

In the food industry, there's a growing trend towards automated production control. This shift isn't surprising considering the costly implications of errors, which can lead to expensive recalls and damage to reputation....

Vision + Robotics: WUR's Robotica Program Enters New Phase

14 November 2023

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) has embarked on an exciting new chapter with its Agro Food Robotics programme, now rebranded as "Vision + Robotics". This strategic move aligns more closely with the core missio...

Robotics Days 2023 - Stäubli & Partners

07 November 2023

On November 22 & 23, Stäubli will host the fifth edition of Robotics Days in Mechelen, in collaboration with 19 technology partners. Partner Qing Forward Engineering from Arnhem will offer visitors a unique look into...

The 10 most-read stories of October 2023

02 November 2023

 In October, our website was again frequently visited. To ensure that you don't miss the highlights, we have compiled a list of the most-read stories and news articles of October for you. EU wants to turn packaging wo...

Winning recipes for a future-focused food business

19 October 2023

The way we produce and consume food has undergone significant changes over the past two decades. But what does this mean for your food business? Which trends, issues, and challenges need attention to ensure the long-term...

Online edition October 2023 | Smart Food Manufacturing

16 October 2023

The Netherlands is internationally recognized as a prime location for technological innovations. According to the Digital Transformation Scoreboard, one in three Dutch companies is highly digitalized. W...

Innovation in food Industry: time to reap the digital benefits

16 October 2023

Internationally, the Netherlands is considered to be an excellent hub for technological innovations. According to the Digital Transformation Scoreboard, one in three Dutch businesses is highly digitalized. In the field o...

Visscher Seafood on new production lines: 'Brilliant'

16 October 2023

In a competitive market, it's hard to stand out. Yet Visscher Seafood continues to grow. This success can be attributed to the quality and service they provide. Efficient production lines further enhance their market pos...

2024: A year of growth and resilience in food?

16 October 2023

How are food and beverage companies preparing for what 2024 will bring? What are the key trends that will impact the food industry? Over 100 food and beverage producers and distributors from the Netherlands and Belgiu...

Nutri-Score Calculator: up-to-date product labels

16 October 2023

The Nutri-Scores are on their way. Even though displaying the score isn't mandatory everywhere, the label already provides guidance for consumers looking for better products. Implementing the Nutri-Score, however, brings...

Maarten Cordenier: Industry 4.0 amplifies humans and food

16 October 2023

On your wrist, next to your ear, at home or in the office: smart items are everywhere. They are widely used to measure and to know. The food industry is no exception, and it's now smarter than ever. With smart food manuf...

AI in Food Production Unveiled! – November 9th

16 October 2023

Discover how AI is shaping the future of food production, at the free event ‘Retail meets Food Industry’ in Woerden. Delve into the power of AI and get inspired by experts Bas Haring, John Wallbrink, and Robert Doornbos....