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Saving time with new high-speed doors at Beko

The functionality of doors is underestimated, experts in the food industry know this. When building a conditioned room, Beko Groothandel therefore made an analysis of the new doors to be used.  Nothing is produce..

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Van Uhm BV: Dealer Ferdinand Henneken

11 March 2019

Van Uhm BV & Habuba BV have added the machines of Ferdinand Henneken GmbH to their range. Ferdinand Henneken GmbH was founded in 1977 and started producing large horizontal tumbler systems. In 2019 the family busi...

The way we shop is changing fundamentally.

04 February 2019

A diverse group of people - growers and retailers, meat, fish, and fruit and vegetable producers - registered for the first knowledge event organised by FoodIndustrie Experts, which has the theme 'Where does the retail s...

Food service channel VersTrade:

04 February 2019

Within a period of just two years, VersTrade has grown into a successful platform. It is the online link between food manufacturers - from small-scale, artisanal products to major brands - and the hospitality branch and ...

Growth meat sector stimulates demand for machines

22 January 2019

The IFFA is the world's most important driver for the international meat industry. From 4 to 9 May 2019, future-oriented solutions for slaughtering, processing and packaging meat will be central. The mechanical engineeri...

Heemskerk takes 100th Tramper's S-360 into use

22 January 2019

In mid-December 2018, a new S-360 trayseal machine was taken into use at Heemskerk fresh & easy in Rijnsburg. A festive moment, as for Tramper Technology this was the hundredth machine of this type. Heemskerk fres...

Discover meat origin with smartphone

22 January 2019

Consumers of Carrefour who buy traditional Belgian pork can now use a simple scan to trace the origin of this meat, they can do this scan with a smartphone. In this way, Carrefour meets consumers' demand for transparency...

The advance of Robotics and Smart Industry

22 November 2018

Compared to other sectors, the food sector still has a relatively low robot density. But the sector is catching up. Big data technologies such as data analysis, data mining, and artificial intelligence are turning the ag...

PHT uses Augmented Reality

22 November 2018

PHT-Benelux laat zien hoe hygiëne volledig kan worden geïntegreerd in het operationele proces met behulp van innovatieve en hygiënische oplossingen van de merken ITEC Hygienetechnik en Foamico. PHT-Benelux biedt voor...

Data, insight, and return

13 November 2018

A state of the art slaughterhouse was established in IJsselstein in 2015. With this sophisticated company, Westfort Meat Products builds on a long history in pork meat. With a vision of the future aimed at growth, return...

Lab meat: meat from a test-tube

13 November 2018

Five years ago in London, Mark Post, pharmacologist and professor in the vascular physiology at Maastricht University, and his team were the first to demonstrate in vitro meat. The costs: 250,000 Euros for an in vitro bu...

Estrategy works on transparency

13 November 2018

The consumer's need to know more about the source and authenticity of the products he eats and drinks leads to a demand for an enormous amount of data: from the manufacturer to his supplier as well as to the retail/consu...

Robotisation: The future never ends

13 November 2018

We raken al gewend aan termen als industrie 4.0, internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, virtual en augmented reality. Maar kennen we ook de werkelijke betekenissen? Weet u wat de impact ervan is op uw bed...

NDI launches Sustainability Codex

24 October 2018

De Sustainability Codex is gebaseerd op Blockchain-technologie om de veiligheid van het platform te waarborgen, de transparantie te verzekeren en het is een open database die gratis beschikbaar is voor elke organisatie, ...

Jumbo, food and soccer

08 October 2018

On 8 November Food Industry Experts launches its first knowledge event. This annual event is exclusively for entrepreneurs of food producing companies. Be inspired this year by Björn Kuipers; supermarket entrepreneur ...

Overzicht in- en verkoopcontracten

05 October 2018

Bent u soms het overzicht kwijt van uw lopende inkoop- en verkoopcontracten? Wordt er geboekt op verkeerde contracten? Weet u altijd hoeveel u nog op een contract kunt boeken? Mist u bij ordergave inzicht in actieve cont...