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Construction: Important considerations for food entrepreneurs

You want to expand or renovate. So, you decide to build! Once you’ve made that decision, questions start arising. What materials will you choose? Are they sustainable? How does this choice affect fire safety? What about ..

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Launch of ScaleUpFood

26 July 2019

The Netherlands: ScaleUpNation, Foodvalley NL and Rabobank announced the launch of ScaleUpFood: a comprehensive support program dedicated to scaling entrepreneurial ventures in food and agriculture. “Climate change, g...

Protein from processed air

22 July 2019

Protein from processed air, it sounds too good to be true. Yet the Finnish engineer Pasi Vainikka indicates that this is possible. Together with five like-minded technicians he founded Solar Foods. The protein is made fr...

Transparency about climate impact poor

17 July 2019

Many large Dutch companies report extensively on climate impact in their annual reports. However, only a limited number of companies provide concrete and detailed information on the CO2 emissions achieved, on the impact ...

DEI+ grant for circular economy

11 July 2019

Within the subsidy scheme for Energy and Climate Innovation Demonstration (DEI+), a new theme opens up for pilot and demonstration projects aimed at circular economy. You can apply for this as of 1 August 2019. The Minis...

Sustainability: citizens don't want to do it all by themselves

09 July 2019

The Dutch are prepared to invest effort and money in making the earth more sustainable, but a majority believes that the business community and the government should take the lead in making the Netherlands more sustainab...

28 million for climate investment

09 July 2019

The emission of greenhouse gases in the Netherlands must be reduced in the short term. That is why the subsidy Accelerated climate investments in industry will open on 1 August. The scheme stimulates large-scale projects...

ALDI: Disney Figures and major food groups

08 July 2019

ALDI announced on 4 July 2019 the next step in promoting healthy products among children. As of January 2020, there will be several major food group products in the store with a beautiful Disney princess (such as Cindere...

FNLI: Climate agreement not industry-wide

03 July 2019

The FNLI is very concerned about the climate agreement that was presented on Friday 28 June. It is a political agreement but certainly not yet supported by industry. It lacks a connection with the practice of our industr...

Less waste with smaller legumes

02 July 2019

Smaller households need smaller vegetables in order to waste less food. The demand for organic and unpackaged vegetables is also growing. This study by The Greenery, a fruit and vegetable distributor, and Rijk Zwaan, a v...

FutureGoods on the shelves at Lidl

01 July 2019

Insects, granola with mealworm powder, seaweed wraps, vegan ice cream and rescue food. As of 27 June, Lidl, the supermarket chain, in collaboration with incubator StartLife, will organise the 'FutureGoods' theme week. Fo...

Stixfresh: longer shelf life for fruit

01 July 2019

StixFresh produces stickers that protect fruit against fungal infections. The natural components in the sticker create a protective layer around apples, pears, mangos and other citrus fruits. The American company sets up...

AH pleads for Nutri-score

01 July 2019

Starting this summer, online customers will find the Nutri-Score logo on all Albert Heijn private label products in the webshop. Albert Heijn no longer waits for the government to decide on a food choice logo, but ...

Demand for climate-neutral packaging increases

26 June 2019

Sustainability is more topical than ever. Supermarkets also have sustainability high on their agenda, consumers are asking more and more critical questions and the packaging material is under a magnifying glass. The Dutc...

Crop protection for fruit and vegetables decreased

24 June 2019

The number of fruit and vegetable products that contain more crop protection agents than legally permitted has continued to decline. In the period from 2003 to 2010 there was already a decrease. This decline continued be...

Halving food waste 2030. How?

21 June 2019

The government has set itself the target of reducing food waste by 50% by 2030. In order to achieve this goal, it is now up to the consumer, as the biggest waste, to make the move, says ABN AMRO on the basis of recent re...