Time-travelling Milkman winner Best Place in Food
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Time-travelling Milkman winner Best Place in Food

  • 13 November 2020

The young entrepreneur Dimitris Karefyllakis of Time-travelling Milkman is the winner of the Best Place in Food contest. His company will get free office space at the ROOTS Innovation Hub on the World Food Center site in Ede in the coming year. Amidst other innovative food companies, he will be able to build on his dream for the future: the marketing of sustainable full-fat and creamy ingredients that can replace animal dairy.

Vegetable dairy innovators

Dimitris Karefyllakis convinced the jury with his technological and scientific expertise. Together with his team, he developed an ingredient that makes vegetable dairy alternatives creamy. According to them, today's dairy substitutes are too focused on replacing protein, while fats, on the other hand, provide creaminess and a pleasant mouthfeel. Their product - made from seeds and water - helps in the transition to a plant-based diet. Time-travelling Milkman hopes that in the future his invention will be used for plant-based dairy spreads, cheeses and yoghurt.

Promise for the future

Chairman of the jury Hans Steenbergen: "The Time-travelling Milkman convinced us with a promise for the future. They are entering an untapped market, so if they become successful, this start-up could mean a lot for the Netherlands and even the world".


Source: Best Place in Food