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Increasingly positive interest in cultured meat

Cultured meat is in full swing and receiving positive attention from consumers, according to research by ABN AMRO. However, there are still major obstacles to be overcome before cultured meat really finds its way to the ..

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WUR obtains Rubisco protein from tomato leaf

20 June 2022

Researchers from Wageningen are the first in the world to have succeeded in extracting the high-quality Rubisco protein from tomato leaf, an important residual flow in greenhouse horticulture. The method they used is sim...

Storage technology optimisation in fresh produce chain

20 June 2022

New building and renovation of refrigeration systems offers users the opportunity to reformulate product (quality) requirements and apply energy optimisation; for example, by using the system data that will become availa...

Rabobank: trade in seafood remains strong

02 June 2022

Global demand for fish and seafood rose sharply during corona and is expected to reach USD 13 billion by 2021. Rising demand for fisheries and aquaculture products made fish and seafood the most traded animal protein in ...

Low corn supply has big impact on feed costs

31 May 2022

For its feed, the Netherlands is highly dependent on imports from the Ukraine. Because of the war, the availability of corn is also under pressure. This affects the Dutch pig farming sector and the poultry sector in part...

Inflation blocks sustainability in food sector

24 May 2022

In the coming years, food companies must do more to improve working conditions in international supply chains and to limit environmental damage, due to legislation. At the same time, there is a lot of pressure from custo...

Zero VAT on fruit and vegetables delayed

17 May 2022

The coalition agreement includes a review of how the VAT on fruit and vegetables can eventually be reduced to 0%. The Cabinet is currently working on the details of this agreement. However, it is not possible to arrange ...

The link between micronutrients and food choice

09 May 2022

Many reports show that non-human animals have the ability to select foods based on their micronutrient (nutrients of which we need only a small amount to function) composition. However, it is unclear whether humans also ...

Turmoil in sustainability of the food chain

04 May 2022

The World Bank warns that we are in for a long period of high food prices as a result of the war in Ukraine. After the peak in 2022, it will take years before the prices of grain, palm oil, energy and fertilisers return ...

An end to misleading discounting

03 May 2022

Misleading consumers with false price reductions is a persistent phenomenon both online and in physical shops. The Council of Ministers has agreed to a proposal from Minister Micky Adriaansens of Economic Affairs and Cli...

Mini intestines replace test animals

26 April 2022

Three Wageningen research institutes are developing organoids using intestinal cells harvested from humans and pigs. This will drastically reduce the need for test animals in future, according to food safety researcher M...

Labour shortage demands creativity from food companies

19 April 2022

Scarcity in the labour market is slowing down the growth of food companies. The shortage of people requires maximum creativity from entrepreneurs in engaging and binding staff in order to secure future growth. In additio...

Government sets aside 60 million euros for cultured meat and dairy

19 April 2022

The Dutch government has announced that it will reserve 60 million euros for education, research and upscaling in the field of cultured meat and dairy (cellular agriculture). The aim is to further develop the Dutch cultu...

Pork sector under pressure due to high costs

13 April 2022

Producers’ returns will be challenged by rising costs – including feed, energy, freight, herd health, and labor expenses. Production growth is expected to slow, as is global trade. Uncertainty remains regarding how consu...

Placement and hiring of migrant workers

12 April 2022

On 12 April 2022, ABN AMRO published the report 'Recruitment and hiring of labour migrants'. The report examined, among other things, the working conditions of migrant labourers in the food sector. It also describes vari...

Cooling and freezing: not an easy job

11 April 2022

Cooling and freezing are methods that have been known for centuries to extend the shelf life of food. A lower temperature slows down the chemical reactions in the product and reduces microbiological growth, but it also c...