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Anticipating unknown hazards

'Improving the understanding of emerging risks should lead to a more robust food safety system, in which companies and authorities are less likely to be surprised and consumers experience less health damage', the Dutch S..

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Safe by design approach for food safety

10 May 2021

Food Business Operators are responsible for the safety of their products. Compromised food safety may lead to severe consequences. In time, food production processes are subject to change, driven by new ingredients, cons...

Poster potato, fruit and vegetables

04 May 2021

For years we have been distributing the poster VLEES (MEAT) and the poster VIS (FISH) through the trade journal Voedingsindustrie. Last year we were regularly asked if we could make an extra poster, as several companies ...

Mini-organs reduce the need for animal testing

26 April 2021

Science and industry are constantly striving to end the use of animal testing in toxicological research. As part of these efforts, researchers at Wageningen have worked with Unilever to develop tiny, three-dimensional or...

More protein choice in product development

12 April 2021

The popularity of plant proteins increases. The demand for meat replacers is growing, and also other products like dairy or sport drinks are more often produced plant-based. Yoghurt based on soy, a shake from peas and al...

Food additives and their functionality

12 April 2021

Food products have a structure, colour, taste, smell and a certain shelf life. To make and/or improve these aspects, functional additives such as emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners and modified starches are used. Howev...

Increasingly positive interest in cultured meat

06 April 2021

Cultured meat is in full swing and receiving positive attention from consumers, according to research by ABN AMRO. However, there are still major obstacles to be overcome before cultured meat really finds its way to the ...

Accreditation of organic acids Normec

31 March 2021

Normec Foodcontrol in Belgium, part of Normec Foodcare, is one of the first laboratories in the Benelux accredited for the enzymatic determination of the three main food acids that are active against Listeria monocytogen...

The contamination risks of plant-based ingredients

30 March 2021

The market for plant-based ingredients and dairy alternatives is growing at a fast pace. But little is known about the potential microbial contamination risks of plant-based proteins, compared to more familiar dairy prod...

NIZO predicts Listeria growth in cheese

24 March 2021

To safely market and export cheese, you need to comply with food safety criteria and determine the risk of L. monocytogenes growth. For some products, this is easy: for instance, if the pH is below 4.4 or the water activ...

A science base for better meat analogues

19 March 2021

Using a new method to measure the texture of materials, scientists of Wageningen University & Research are helping the food industry to improve the texture of meat-replacing products. The acceptance and success of...

Payment period of large firms to SMEs reduced to 30 days

17 March 2021

The maximum statutory payment term of large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be shortened to 30 days. This will halve the current allowed payment period and make it equal to the payment period ...

Cost price of cultured meat can be cut greatly

17 March 2021

Numerous innovative companies are currently exploring and developing methods to produce cultivated meat. Clearly, an advantage of cultivated meat (CM) is that it avoids holding animals with the associated risks related t...

Nitrogen approach: perspective for entrepreneurs

10 March 2021

The Dutch Senate has approved the bill proposed by Coordinating Minister Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality to reduce nitrogen emissions and improve nature.  With this bill the government ensures that ...

Pack with Impact

08 March 2021

The quest for sustainable food packages is complex and can only succeed with an integrated approach. And although the use of plastic packages is increasingly questioned, it is often still the best option to keep many foo...

Many webshops are not familiar with new EU rules

08 March 2021

On July 1, 2021 the new EU VAT rules on e-commerce will enter into force. This legislation applies to Dutch webshops with an annual turnover of € 10,000 or more from sales to individuals in EU countries outside the Nethe...