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Sismatec & Sismation – intelligent automation solutions

With the combination of Sismatec & Sismation, we are able to offer customers bespoke solutions, thanks to intelligent automation solutions. Automation is a crucial step in ensuring food safety and plays a significant..

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Attractive labels for ready meals

06 February 2018

Fresh salads, delicious soups and ready-to-eat meals are packed by Rabbit N.V, a Belgian family business, in a wide range of different trays and formats. All the more reasons to search for a new labeller. Rabbit was l...

Pack fresh products efficiently and economically

09 January 2018

With the G 700 model, MULTIVAC is expanding its range with the addition of a high-output traysealer for packing ready meals, snacks, vegetables and fresh-cut products of all types. Thanks to the use of innovative gas flu...

Etikettering, het blijft lastig

11 December 2017

De oh zo heerlijke feestdagen komen alweer om de hoek kijken. De supermarkt ligt vol met lekkere producten; vooral bijzondere vleessoorten (voornamelijk wild) die de consument normaal gesproken niet aanschaft. Om een zo ...

Appealing packaging is just as important time-savings

10 October 2017

he Multivac R085 thermoforming packaging machine is based on a drawer-like system for the dies, making it quick and easy to switch to a different packaging format. “This makes lengthy changeovers a thing of the past; you...

Biodegradable meat packaging

10 October 2017

From mid-October, all the organic meat in the Coop supermarkets in the Netherlands will be packaged in a material that can be disposed of as garden waste. Wim van den Burg, Category Manager Fresh at Coop: “In collaborati...

New labelling solution for the food industry

10 October 2017

Your product range is expanding, your volumes are increasing and/or more and more customers want a private label product. So, as a manufacturer, how can you ensure an efficient and flawless labelling process? Fruity Line...

“Service contract gives us peace of mind”

11 September 2017

“It’s no good waiting until a machine breaks down, because that always comes at a bad time,” says Mark Janssen, Director of the Wijchen-based meat company called Het Vleespannetje. “Thanks to Multivac, I haven’t had a da...

Packaging: indispensable ingredient in the food chain

15 August 2017

The global food problem offers plenty of opportunities for packaging, resulting from the increased demand for fresh food, for example, and logistics- and transport-related challenges. The packaging is more than just an a...

Verse levensmiddelen langer houdbaar verpakken

10 July 2017

Op woensdag 13 en 20 september a.s. organiseert MULTIVAC Nederland te Woerden een tweetal gratis kennisevents over het langer houdbaar verpakken van verse levensmiddelen door middel van Trayseal technologie. De events...

Voedingsindustrie kiest controle

10 July 2017

Voedselveiligheid is een belangrijk thema voor alle producenten in de voedingsindustrie. Consumenten moeten vertrouwen op de voedselveiligheid van ieder product en elke verpakking. Vandaar dat De Koningh Coding & Lab...

App for the labelling maze

09 May 2017

At the request of the Dutch Ministry for Public Health and Welfare, the Netherlands Nutrition Centre Foundation (Voedingscentrum) is developing an app called the ‘EtiketWijzerapp’ to help consumers understand the informa...

Multivac presenteert Multifresh skinverpakken

11 April 2017

De MULTIVAC R105 MF is een instapmodel dieptrekverpakkingsmachine voor skinverpakken voor kleine tot middelgrote capaciteiten. MultiFresh is het ‘next generation’ skinverpakken; hogere producten, kleinere verpakkingen...

Burgers, burgers and yet more burgers

06 March 2017

The burgers from Halifax in Denmark are tasty, classically American but certainly not old-fashioned. But before customers can bite heartily into their burgers, the various components must be safely packed for the journey...

Het beste uit uw productieproces

06 March 2017

De FastBack transport systemen maken gebruik van horizontale beweging om producten op een zeer delicate wijze te transporteren, hierdoor wordt productbreuk en afzetting voorkomen. Ideaal geschikt om een multihead weger m...

Five labelling rules

06 March 2017

As a freelancer in food, I see a growing number of small-scale manufacturers who are impassioned about making unique products. I have a soft spot for passion-filled products from small manufacturers. Their quality is oft...