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Poster Meat, Fish and Fruit&Vegetable

Via the trade journal Voedingsindustrie we distribute the poster MEAT, FISH and  Fruit & Vegetable . Because of the great demand, we also have these posters available online. Download them here without any oblig..

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Clean label: not so clean as claimed

01 July 2021

A warning to all producers who are busy making their food products 'clean label'. Food additives that have not been approved are not allowed to be sold or used in foodstuffs. The NVWA ('Dutch Food and Consumer Product Sa...

NVWA supervision changes

28 June 2021

The trends and developments that have a great effect on today's society are, according to the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA): corona; digitalization; sustainability; climate change; globalization...

Online edition Construction-Renovation | Refrigeration-Freezing June 2021

14 June 2021

Anyone wishing to build or renovate in the food industry has to deal with many wishes and even more requirements; from clients and governments via legislation and regulations; regarding energy savings, ...

Whiter than white

14 June 2021

"Don't you have homework to do?" The rattling sound of fingers flying across a keyboard can be heard from my youngest's bedroom. I don't think there is any chance that he is finally writing that biology report at lightni...


14 June 2021

I talk a lot about food safety, that will not surprise anyone. And I talk a lot about food safety testing. Not so strange either. What strikes me in these conversations is the difference in approach to this subject among...

It is five minutes to midnight, also for the food industry

14 June 2021

Almost a year and a half has passed since Covid-19 came to Europe. If we have learned one thing from this pandemic, it certainly is that nothing is more important than our health. Right? Or has the pandemic pushed more i...

I dare to dream again

14 June 2021

Since the beginning of the corona, I have put on my hiking boots and you will regularly find me on beautiful hiking trails. When we were unable to go to China in the spring of 2020, I booked a hiking trip in Sweden. In A...

Industry organisations reject idea of meat tax

26 May 2021

A tax on meat products, as proposed by a number of political parties, is not effective, not feasible and sometimes even counterproductive. This is what COV (Central Organisation for the Meat Sector), LTO Nederland (agric...

Consumers' Association wants rules for 'natural' and 'pure' on food labels

25 May 2021

Clear rules are needed for the use of the terms 'natural' and 'pure' on food labels, according to the Consumers' Association. The organisation advocates guidelines to combat deception and lack of clarity. Just like in Fr...

FNV and CBL will research the tomato chain

17 May 2021

The Central Food Trade Office (CBL) and the FNV are going to investigate the production chain of the canned tomato trade. The investigation will focus on Italy, a major supplier of tomatoes. The objective is to map out t...


10 May 2021

A half-cooked hamburger with fried onions on a soft bread roll... A cardboard plate with three slightly charred satays, barely visible under a splatter of peanut sauce... The vague uneasiness whether it is safe, washed a...

Maurits Steverink - interview

10 May 2021

"We want to create added value and market more sustainable food products," says Maurits Steverink, project manager of the Smaakacademie (Taste Academy) Achterhoek. "Make everyone in the food chain co-producers. Modernise...

Aren't we getting a bit carried away?

10 May 2021

Our human hunger for knowledge never ends. Science does not stand still. Research into the harmful effects of plant toxins, fungi and micro-organisms has led to thick volumes of legislation in recent decades. There are c...

Blood from a stone

10 May 2021

As I write this column, the terraces are cautiously opening. A glimmer of light, a slow start to economic recovery. Because it is clear that recovery will not happen any time soon. Even with the current relaxation, many ...

ACM to research misleading sustainability claims

04 May 2021

The Dutch Consumer & Market Authority (ACM) will investigate misleading sustainability claims in the dairy sector. The ACM has chosen this sector because in preliminary investigations it saw many potentially misleadi...