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Poster Meatindustry

Every year, the professional magazine 'Voedingsindustrie' publishes a poster (A1) with the structure of the Dutch meat, meat products and convenience food industry. So much is changing in the Netherlands over the course ..

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Opportunities for Simons Halal Food

07 May 2019

In 1991, Simons started producing halal meat products on a small scale. In 2019, the company is operating globally on a large scale. What happened between then and now?  Simons Halal Food is the largest supplier ...

Cultuuromslag bij Pieter van Meel

07 May 2019

Als 21-jarige student stapte Thomas van Meel na het wegvallen van zijn vader in het poeliersbedrijf Pieter van Meel. Voor iedereen wennen, niet in de laatste plaats voor hemzelf. Coach Jolande van Driel van CoachHouse hi...

Steam boilers make the difference

07 May 2019

When you enter the premises of catering company Uitgekookt, you immediately taste the atmosphere, the innovation. Future-oriented cooking is key here. The electric steam boilers from Scharff Techniek are of great added v...

Collaboration goes beyond partnership

07 May 2019

Sismatic supplies a broad range of high-quality machines for the food industry, but was lacking a partner in the field of processing and preparing food. Schomaker supplies those machines and has found an ideal partner fo...

With the OSV at Simons Halal

28 April 2019

On Thursday 25 April 2019, we visited Simons Halal Food in Roermond, together with more than 60 members of the Ondernemers Sociëteit Voedingsindustrie (OSV).  Simons Halal Food is the largest supplier of private lab...

Setting course at the kitchen table

09 April 2019

Jos Looman (31) started his career at Rundvlees & Co six years ago. As soon as he saw an opportunity, he took on more responsibilities. And now he manages the beef wholesaler. With success: Rundvlees & Co is grow...

Focus on industrial craftsmanship

09 April 2019

Nijland B.V., a company that processes and produces chicken and vegetarian products, always listens to the market. By using the latest technology, they continuously respond to client and consumer demands with new innovat...

Zweistra upgrades for the future

09 April 2019

Zweistra expanded from a being quality butcher shop and sausage producer to a meat processing factory with the name 'Uw makerij' that supplies butchers, hospitality businesses, and wholesalers. The production area increa...

Cooking with passion

05 March 2019

A striking example of cooperation: StarCuisine, specialist in oriental dishes, and Ilpra Benelux from Barneveld, supplier of tray seal machines and foils, have been together for ten years. An absolute win-win situation. ...

Packaged fruit and vegetables

05 March 2019

Pre-packaged fruit and vegetables are a fixture these days in the supermarket. But packaging is only complete when the right information is on it. IQ Packing and Espera can therefore mean a lot to each other. At IQ Pa...

awareness sustainability and recycling

05 March 2019

The market wants less packaging material. The focus is on environmentally friendly packaging and compostable wrapping. "We encourage the use of mono-materials. New developments also require adjustments to packaging machi...

COV cooperates with China on ASF

26 February 2019

The COV has made certain agreements with its sister organisation CMA to be able to continue exporting pig meat in the event of an unexpected outbreak of African swine fever. In addition, efforts have been made to regiona...

Portioned lamb steaks for catering

13 February 2019

Jan Zandbergen BV has a new meat brand for the foodservice; Everlamb. Everlamb contains a wide range of frozen lamb for the catering industry. The portioned steaks offer professional chefs various advantages. The lamb...

Johma innovates with Nanotechology

04 February 2019

110 stainless steel funnels and 50 standard bins of specialist spreads manufacturer Johma 'from Twente' now have an RSS Ceramic Nano-coating. Thanks to this coating, the waste of spreads left behind in the funnels has be...

MarketCall pays off

04 February 2019

You probably recognise this. You want to bring your products or services to the attention of potential clients but you lack the time or the right tools to do this. And furthermore, the whim of the day determines your age...