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Feed to Food, BOON sausage rolls from field beans

The Dutch company BOON develops vegetable food products made from, the name says it all, beans. They not only look at the possibilities to make a tasty product of it. The innovation team is continuously studying differen..

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More variety in meat substitutes in demand

21 September 2020

In March, Distrifood reported that sales of meat substitutes never grew as much as in 2019. Data and research agency Nielsen calculated a growth of 30%. This trend, which will continue, will also lead to the demand for a...

New vegan alternatives to cheese

18 September 2020

Onder de naam This is Not Parmesan en This is Not Classic Cream Cheese, introduceert plantaardige kaasmaker Willicroft twee nieuwe veganistische alternatieven voor kaas. De producten zijn te koop bij Picnic, Crisp en via...

Vegetable wraps made with 35 percent vegetables

18 September 2020

Uit onderzoek van het Voedingscentrum blijkt dat de Nederlandse consument gemiddeld 131 gram groente per dag eet. De aanbevolen hoeveelheid is 250 gram. Knorr wil laten zien dat dit op meerdere eetmomenten van de dag mog...

Sustainable and innovative ME-AT

16 September 2020

ME-AT wakkert de transitie naar een duurzamere voedingsindustrie aan door zich te richten op innovatie en duurzaamheid. Het assortiment bestaat uit plantaardige burgers, gehakt, schnitzels, kipstukjes, spekjes en worstje...

Plantbased private label concepts

16 September 2020

Het Giessense familiebedrijf Schouten Europe, dat zich in 1990 als eerste Nederlandse partij ging toeleggen op het ontwikkelen en produceren van plant-based protein producten, gaat zich de komende jaren focussen op priva...

The Blue Butcher

15 September 2020

Als vleesliefhebber hoef je niks te missen als je een dag geen vlees eet. Stel je voor dat je een heerlijke Amerikaanse burger kunt eten, die precies smaakt zoals jij hem graag wil hebben, maar dan zonder vlees! The Blue...

LikeMeat: New player on the Dutch market

15 September 2020

LikeMeat GmbH, in 2013 opgericht in Duitsland, wordt nog steeds beschouwd als een pionier in de productie van vleesvervangers. Sinds maart 2020 maakt LikeMeat deel uit van The LIVEKINDLY co. onder leiding van CEO Tal Nad...

Benus: 'Bug breeding: an industry with lots of potential'

14 September 2020

Bug breeding for the food industry "will certainly grow", but there are still some bumps ahead: legislation, consumer acceptance and further automation. There is also a lack of knowledge sharing and cooperation in the ch...

Proteins can change the world

14 September 2020

To keep our bodies going we need nutrients: fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Two of these macro nutrients: the (satured) fats and carbohydrates (starch and sugars), have been under attack for decades, because they are a...

Naar 50% minder vleesproductie in 2030

14 September 2020

Stegeman, het Nederlandse merk van de Sigma Food Group wil de negatieve milieu-impact van de vleesindustrie verkleinen en streeft naar 50% minder vleesproductie in 2030. Het bedrijf streeft naar het verkleinen van de mil...

Vegan meat products range

14 September 2020

As the largest A-brand in meat products, Kips introduced a vegan range at the end of 2018. Under this range the meat-free variants of the current runners were introduced: Chicken Vega Sliced Sausage, Vega Lard Sausage, V...

Lots of potential for local fish

10 September 2020

Entrepreneurs have seen an increase in demand for locally caught North Sea fish among their customers in recent years. Nevertheless, fish from the North Sea is still relatively unknown and unloved among young people. Thi...

"Choosing the right packaging is challenging"

10 February 2020

How can the food sector move towards less plastic and more recyclable and recycled packaging? There are no unambiguous answers, but there are opposing demands and interests and thus major dilemmas. We will discuss this w...

Meat for Diversifying Markets

10 February 2020

The world is changing. The digital revolution, a global focus on sustainability, concern for the environment: they also affect the food and meat industry. Themes such as ensuring food safety, preventing food waste and is...

'The role of meat in a healthy diet'

22 November 2019

Not a yes/no discussion about meat, but a discussion based on facts about the extent to which consumers who want to eat meat can do so sustainably. Is a balance possible between nutritional value and climate pressure, so...