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Search for balance in ingredients

Less sugar, salt and fat – more natural products and ingredients. Less meat and other animal proteins – more vegetal alternatives. Fewer pesticides and CO2 emission – more attention to nature and the climate. All in all,..

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‘Meat for Diversifying Markets’

11 November 2019

Last summer the 65th edition of the International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST) took place. In Potsdam, Germany, 494 participants gathered to share their knowledge with the other conference visitors on...

Product information has become more transparent

10 September 2019

Food products consist of ingredients that have a combined value. Nutritional value, of course, there is more. Such as the emotional value and CO2 value. For the creation of value, marketing and transparency, reliable pro...

Improvement of the structure of plant-based proteins

10 September 2019

An increased awareness of sustainability, concern over the climate and personal health are drivers for the replacement of animal proteins with plant-based proteins, and the development of new products. Challenging, since...

Shelf space for the food of the future at LIDL

10 September 2019

Burgers of tomato surpluses, bitterbals of circularly grown oyster mushrooms and muesli of saved peanuts. These and other sustainable products, coming from start-ups, were on the shelves of Lidl last summer. A next step ...

Heroin or saffron: who wins?

10 September 2019

The price of heroin is sometimes lower than that of pure saffron. Cost price 20 -25,000 euros/kg. Its scarcity and price make saffron very interesting to commit fraud with. For organised crime it is excellently suited to...

Additional aid for regional products

02 August 2019

Minister Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) wants to increase the appreciation of Dutch regional products and promote their sale. In cooperation with the provinces, the plan is to organise a special t...

Chain formation in the egg sector

31 July 2019

Following the Fipronil crisis, several committees issued opinions on the measures needed to prevent the recurrence of similar cases. On the basis of research Foodlog concludes that these measures do not simply eliminate ...

Price coffee, sugar, cocoa harms farmers

18 July 2019

The price of sugar has already risen by 8% this year, while the price of cocoa and Arabica coffee is now at the same level as 1 January. The price of Robusta coffee fell by 8%. All these markets are faced with an oversup...

Schouten supplies to Australia

17 July 2019

After Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, the Dutch family business Schouten Europe BV will now also supply vegetarian products to Australia. From this summer onwards, Schouten will be supplying its products...

Sugar, salt and saturated fat 2018

15 April 2019

The Dutch government increasingly wants consumers to be able to choose healthy products easily. That is why it is encouraged to make agreements about the maximum amount of salt, sugar and saturated fat in food products. ...

Herformulering; textuur grootse uitdaging

09 April 2019

Op donderdag 4 april zijn zo’n tachtig professionals uit de bakkerij- en zoetwarenbranche samengekomen voor de workshop Food Reformulation. Martijn Noort, herformuleringexpert bij de WUR: “De sleutel voor succesvol herfo...

Halal producten exporteren

28 February 2019

De markt voor halalproducten groeit wereldwijd sterk. Als je halal producten wilt exporteren dan krijg je te maken met bepaalde certificeringseisen. Het kan zijn dat er handelingen of processen aangepast moeten worden bi...

50 future foods introduced

21 February 2019

According to experts from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), your diet is probably not varied enough. And the implications of a repetitive diet are much more serious than boring meals. The world's population...

Concurrentievermogen fabrikanten belemmerd

14 August 2018

Meer dan de helft van de ondervraagde Britse fabrikanten heeft hogere ingrediëntkosten (62%), verhoogde verpakkingskosten (61%) en hogere energiekosten (51%) gezien. Dit heeft grote gevolgen op hun bedrijv...

Fabrikanten gebruiken te veel suikers

09 July 2018

Uit onderzoek van de Consumentenbond blijkt dat er veel verschil is in de hoeveelheid suiker bij vergelijkbare voedingsmiddelen. De Consumentenbond dringt er daarom bij de overheid op aan regie te nemen in het vermi...