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India bans wheat exports, grain prices rise

Due to heat waves, the grain harvest in India has declined sharply and grain prices have risen enormously. The government in India has therefore decided to ban the export of wheat from the country. This is expected to pu..

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The link between micronutrients and food choice

09 May 2022

Many reports show that non-human animals have the ability to select foods based on their micronutrient (nutrients of which we need only a small amount to function) composition. However, it is unclear whether humans also ...

Indonesia stops export of palm oil

26 April 2022

President Joko Widodo of Indonesia has announced that he will stop the export of palm oil. The export ban was created to still be able to supply his population with affordable oil.  Indonesia is the world's largest pa...

Crunchy Coatings van De Korrel Beheer

26 April 2022

De Korrel Beheer is producent van verschillende producten op het gebied van Taste , Coatings en Funtional Blends. Tailormade uiteraard, zodat je als bedrijf je producten een eigen twist mee kan geven. Dit geldt ook voor ...

Earlier and more effective communication about product improvement

21 April 2022

The House of Representatives requests the government, together with food producers, to draw up alternatives for earlier and more effective communication about product improvement, within the framework of European legisla...

Fooditive wants Novel Food permit for sweetener

15 April 2022

Fooditive, a pioneer in the development of vegetable ingredients, is preparing for a gamechanger in the industry: a Novel Food permit from the Europian Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for its sweetener. The Dutch company ha...

Labelling agreements for sunflower oil shortage

13 April 2022

The food industry is facing a shortage of sunflower oil. Sunflower oil in certain foods will have to be (partly) replaced by other vegetable oils, such as rapeseed oil and soya oil. Unfortunately, it is not possible to a...

The challenges of product innovation

11 April 2022

Change is not easy, innovation is always a challenge. It's far from easy. Yet that is precisely the world that food technologists and food designers dive into every day. The demands are great: food has to be more sustain...

NVWA does not enforce on faulty labels

28 March 2022

A shortage of sunflower oil is expected now that the export from the Ukraine has stopped. This means that sunflower oil will be (partly) replaced by other vegetable oils, such as rapeseed oil or soya oil. If there are al...

Dutch grain for Dutch bread: it's possible

28 March 2022

If all links in the chain work together, Dutch bread can come from Dutch grain in the future. To this end, the 150 participants in the Grains Theme Day on Thursday 24 March signed the 'Nijkerk intention: We opt for our o...

A deforestation- and conversion-free soy chain in 2025

22 March 2022

Dutch supermarkets are committed to a deforestation- and conversion-free soy chain by 2025. This ambition is set out in a manifesto of the Dutch supermarket sector, which was published on 22 March 2022. In order to call ...

MVO: 'Sunflower oil reserves used up in April'

18 March 2022

It is clear that the import of sunflower oil from the Ukraine has almost completely stopped. This is already visible in Dutch supermarkets, where hardly any bottles of sunflower oil are left on the shelves. It is expecte...

IJsbrand Velzeboer: Lies on my plate

07 March 2022

Food technologist IJsbrand Velzeboer (69) is fed up with the abuses and deception in the food sector. In his new book 'Lies on my plate', he takes a critical look at the entire sector: producer, retailer, legislator and ...

Rabobank: 'War in Ukraine affects Dutch food chain'

04 March 2022

The war between Russia and Ukraine is affecting the Dutch economy hard. Judging from the battles and the strong sanctions, trade with these countries will be disrupted for a long time. This has a negative impact on virtu...

Adults still consume too much salt

28 February 2022

In 2020/2021, men and women aged 31 to 50 in the northern part of the Netherlands had a salt intake that was about 13 percent lower than in 2006/2007. Despite the reduction, this is still too much. This is evident from r...

New criteria for salt, sugar and saturated fat in food

28 February 2022

In 2022, the National Approach to Product Improvement (NAPV) will start. The objective is to accelerate improvements in the composition of processed foods. It concerns products to which salt or sugar has been added or in...