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Construction: Important considerations for food entrepreneurs

You want to expand or renovate. So, you decide to build! Once you’ve made that decision, questions start arising. What materials will you choose? Are they sustainable? How does this choice affect fire safety? What about ..

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Claims: useful or misleading?

06 March 2017

Consumers are increasingly aware of the link between their diet and their health. Claims can help them to make the right food choices for them. Many manufacturers also regard claims as a handy marketing tool. Whether int...

Food preservation methods

06 March 2017

The discovery that food could be preserved for long periods of time was truly revolutionary! It enabled humans to travel and to survive harsh winters and food shortages. Heating, freezing, drying, pickling, fermenting an...

15th edition of Empack

06 March 2017

The Dutch packaging trade show Empack, taking place on 5 and 6 April 2017 at the Brabanthallen venue, is set to feature plenty of innovations and foster lots of knowledge. The packaging sector is changing rapidly. Visit ...

Need for flexibility and durable quality

06 March 2017

Thanks to the economic upswing, suppliers of packaging and labelling machines for the Dutch food processing industry have the wind at their back. However, that doesn’t mean that customers are so eager to spend money that...

‘In-line printing is really taking off'

06 March 2017

Five years ago, Dick de Koning and Johan Glaser founded PACKZ. The duo regularly attend packaging-related trade fairs and conferences around the world. They enjoy sharing the knowledge they have acquired – by organising ...

Eerste paal Ameco in Apeldoorn

07 February 2017

Op zaterdag 18 februari is de feestelijke eerste paal geslagen voor de nieuwbouw van Ameco op de Ecofactorij in Apeldoorn. Rob Stekelenburg, adviseur van de Ameco, stond stil bij de afgelopen paar maanden waarbij het ...

Empack: de 15e keer

07 February 2017

De verpakkingsvakbeurs Empack gaat op 5 en 6 april 2017 haar 15e editie beleven in de Brabanthallen. Het doel van het event is om de Nederlandse verpakkers vooruit te brengen. Gelukkig gaan daarvoor de ontwikkelingen in ...

Ten million kilos of tomatoes thanks to geothermal heat

07 February 2017

The company Duijvestijn Tomaten in Pijnacker does business as sustainably as possible, such as by using geothermal energy to heat its greenhouses. Director Ted Duijvestijn explains how this innovation came about. “Ene...

Sustainability in agri-food

07 February 2017

Today, society takes a more critical view of food manufacturing companies than ever before. Most election manifestos not only underline the importance of a food policy, but also believe that the policy should be closely ...

‘Food industry must support farmers’

07 February 2017

With forecast sales growth of 7% per year, the future for organic food in the Netherlands looks rosy. However, this growth depends on more farmers making the transition to organic production, and that cannot be taken for...

‘Forgotten meat’ in the spotlight

07 February 2017

During Grüne Woche in Berlin, Dutch State Secretary Van Dam (Economic Affairs, Agriculture) accepted the Dutch pork chain’s sustainable Schlachtplatte (platter of ‘forgotten meat’), presented by Platform Varkensvleeskete...

Efficiency gains thanks to new building

07 February 2017

The company called Aan de Stegge Twello has reached an agreement relating to the new-build project for Hems/Fortuna in Oss. Hems BV and its subsidiary Fortuna BV are specialised in the supply of a wide range of meat prod...

A journey through the chain

07 February 2017

According to the Dutch private sector and the government, it is time to take important steps forward in improving the transparency of our food chain in order to safeguard the Netherlands’ future as an agri-food nation.&n...

Personalised nutrition

07 February 2017

Besides sustainability, health is one of the most important issues in the food sector. “In the future, we will see a society in which each individual can and wants to make conscious choices to follow a diet that is preci...

Bizerba helps with process optimation

10 January 2017

Many companies are currently working on process improvements. The most commonly heard reasons for doing so are to improve delivery reliability, customer satisfaction and efficiency. Bizerba actively helps food manufactur...