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Over 20 algae species admitted to European market

The Dutch food industry is poised for a significant shift, following the recent addition of over 20 algae species to the EU Novel Food Catalogue. This decision by the European Commission, in collaboration with the compet..

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2040: Meat makes way for alternatives

18 June 2019

Meat alternatives have the potential to disrupt the global meat industry to the tune of many billions of dollars. However, the key questions are which of these new products can be most disruptive, what are the resulting ...

ANF: A shift to strong agriculture

18 June 2019

The transition to recycled agriculture is receiving a major boost. In order to remove obstacles that stand in the way of innovation, recycling farmers will be allocated experimental areas. The transition to a strong and ...

Jumbo makes sustainable bottles

17 June 2019

Jumbo is switching to using more sustainable bottles for all its fresh juices. This week, the popular 1 litre bottle of fresh orange juice will appear on the Jumbo shelf with this environmentally friendly packaging. This...

Vivera continues veggie market

11 June 2019

After the sale of the meat company Enkco, Vivera Foodgroup and the remaining business units Vivera, Culifrost and Dutch Tofu Company will enter a meat-free future. The new group focuses entirely on the vegetable market. ...

‘Technically, (almost) everything is already possible’

10 June 2019 Andy van den Dobbelsteen has been professor of Climate Design & Sustainability at TU Delft for 10 years now. The Climate Design & Sustainability chair is close to the technical side of engineering. His...

Billions of years of innovation for free

10 June 2019

Biomimicry (biomimics - from the Greek 'bios' (life) and 'mimesis' (imitation)) is the science that stands for learning from nature. Still a relatively unknown concept in the Netherlands, but fully embraced abroad. Large...

New Construction

10 June 2019

The Dutch construction sector is doing well, and the food sector is following suit. New laws and regulations are an incentive for investments. Because everything needs to be more sustainable, better quality, gasless, mor...

Jumbo Veggie Chef lijn groeit met 20%

07 June 2019

Van verse hamburgers van champignons tot ovenbitterballen van oesterzwammen: het vega(n) aanbod van Jumbo wordt de komende weken verder uitgebreid. Nieuw in het Jumbo Veggie Chef assortiment – het grootste vega(n) huisme...

AH-medewerkers: ‘Master in vers’

05 June 2019

Albert Heijn zet vol in op het beste versaanbod in Nederland. Daartoe worden drie winkels per week omgebouwd naar het nieuwste winkelconcept met meer ruimte voor vers eten en kookinspiratie. Medewerkers krijgen bovendien...

Sales sustainable food doubled

04 June 2019

The continued growth of more sustainable, labelled products in supermarkets has led to a doubling of sales in four years' time. In 2014, just under 1.9 billion euros was spent on more sustainable, labelled food; in 2018,...

Too Good To Go takes action

03 June 2019

During the European Week for Sustainable Development (30 May - 5 June 2019), Too Good To Go, the world's largest app against food waste, will launch a unique campaign. Too Good To Go identifies food waste as the 3rd larg...

KIDV launches innovation platform

21 May 2019

In collaboration with the Community of Sustainable Packaging Innovators, the Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) launched THE innovation platform in the field of packaging and recycling. This means great...

AH starts dynamically discounting products

20 May 2019

On Monday 20 May, Albert Heijn took a new step in reducing food waste with the 'dynamic price reduction' trial. The products are automatically discounted on the basis of the shelf life: the shorter the shelf life, the hi...

New plan for food packaging

09 May 2019

Sustainable and recyclable packaging is increasingly high on the agenda of the management and managers in the industry. The food industry is also taking its responsibility and has been making food packaging more sustaina...

Train connection for fresh produce

09 May 2019

CoolRail will run from 6 May 2019. It is a direct train connection for fresh products. Three times a week this refrigerated train transports the fresh products between Valencia and Rotterdam. The transport to the Netherl...