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New allergen policy, stricter regulations

Effective January 1, 2026, a new allergen policy will be implemented in the Netherlands. "Our goal was to establish clarity; we aimed to reach agreements that everyone could support," says Yvonne Huigen, Coordinating Spe..

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Marine biomass: Sustainable source for nutrition

18 March 2024

Innovative use of marine biomass plays a pivotal role in developing sustainable products. Low trophic marine species, such as mussels, are a key element in this. They do not require agricultural land or freshwater source...

Grant fuels digital transformation in vegetable chains

15 March 2024

A consortium led by the Rotterdam School of Management and Docklab has recently been awarded a grant of nearly half a million euros. This grant will be used for a project focusing on the digitalization of AGF (Potatoes, ...

Jumbo to cease meat promotions

15 March 2024

The Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has announced it will cease meat promotions across all its stores and online. This initiative signals a significant shift in the supermarket landscape. It forms part of Jumbo's strategy ...

Agrobots: the future of sustainable agriculture

14 March 2024

The Dutch agricultural and horticultural sector is on the brink of a significant transition. The aim of this change is to balance nature and agriculture. Playing a key role in this development are advanced agricultural r...

New range of slicers at Anuga FoodTec

14 March 2024

At Anuga FoodTec 2024, MULTIVAC is unveiling a versatile range of slicers for the food industry, from accessible entry-level models to high-capacity machines, aimed at small to large food processing businesses. The new P...

Sustainable steam production with tax benefits

14 March 2024

In 2020, at Scharff Techniek’s initiative, the sustainable asset 'electric steam boilers' was included for the first time in the Energy List, allowing companies to receive tax benefits when making steam production more s...

The benefits of smaller portions: less eating, less waste

13 March 2024

Amber Werkman, a PhD candidate in marketing at the University of Groningen, presents an innovative approach in the battle against overconsumption and food waste: promoting smaller portion sizes. Her research focused on p...

CSRD shakes up the food industry

13 March 2024

The Dutch food industry is on the brink of significant changes. New legislation and societal pressure are increasingly focusing on sustainability. Supermarket suppliers are being closely scrutinized. Those who fail to im...

PAN: 7 out of 10 Dutch demand less pesticide use

13 March 2024

The Netherlands is renowned for its flourishing agricultural sector. However, this sector is currently under the spotlight, not for its successes, but for its intensive use of pesticides. Recent research commissioned by ...

Schouten makes meat alternatives with mycoprotein

12 March 2024

Schouten Europe introduces mycoprotein as the new base for its range of meat substitutes. This move aligns with their commitment to producing nutritious, minimally processed products with a low environmental footprint. ...

Uploading Passport to LinkedIn, What About Privacy?

11 March 2024

LinkedIn aims to expand its users' reach by rolling out a new identity verification method via Persona. But is increased reach worth your privacy? This initiative comes with quite a few caveats! What you need to know ...

Future vision for Dutch North Sea fisheries

11 March 2024

On March 8, 2024, Minister Adema of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality (LNV) presented a significant vision to the Dutch Parliament. This vision, focusing on 'Food from Sea and Large Waters,' is crucial for the Dutch ...

EFSA: Low antibiotic residues in food

11 March 2024

A recent report by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) indicates that levels of drug residues and other substances in animals and animal-derived food remain low. EFSA's report examines a range of substance group...

Billions still spent on junk food advertising

08 March 2024

The fight against obesity in the Netherlands remains challenging. Six years after commitments were made to tackle this issue, the number of overweight Dutch citizens continues to rise. A recent study highlights the signi...

Dutch protein transition: A growing economic force

08 March 2024

The Dutch food industry is experiencing notable growth, particularly in the protein transition sector. With over 425 companies and institutions actively engaged, the annual production value reaches an impressive €881 mil...