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Protein Challenge Rewards 6 Innovative Food Concepts

  • 18 December 2023

On Thursday, December 14, six entrepreneurs from North Holland and Flevoland were presented with a €10,000 check in recognition of their innovative contributions to the Protein Challenge. This initiative, organized by the Province of Flevoland and North Holland in collaboration with Food Connects, aims to encourage the development of tasty products made from locally cultivated plant-based proteins.

While the demand for plant-based protein products is on the rise, the availability of items based on locally grown proteins remains limited on supermarket shelves. In Flevoland, the cultivation of soybeans, broad beans, and chickpeas is increasing, but what exactly can be created from these healthy, locally produced proteins? The Protein Challenge, initiated by the provinces of North Holland and Flevoland in partnership with Food Connects, is intended to provide an extra boost to this cause.

Prize Winners

The quality of the 17 submissions was exceptional. Through processes such as pitching and tasting the products, the jury determined the prize winners. In total, six winners were selected to use the prize money to further develop their innovations. The winners include:

  • Guacamole from the Flevopolder: A sustainable alternative to avocado based on edamame beans. Submitted by Peter Strijk from Soy Consultant in Flevoland.
  • Mothers Kitchen: Dough and batter products made from local plant-based proteins. Submitted by Naveen Balamurugan from Flevoland.
  • Flour with a Mission: Flour based on mixed crops, broad beans, and wheat. Submitted by Arjen Verschure and Rogier Scherpbier from Flevoland.
  • Yogho Bono: Fermented plant-based broad bean drink comparable to yogurt. Submitted by Feike van der Leij and Judith Bontenbal from North Holland.
  • The New Kitchen: A savory meat substitute based on open mold fermentation. Submitted by Sophie Tielrooij from North Holland.
  • Tot Moes: Savory puree of vegetables and legumes through fermentation. Submitted by Roland Tabor from North Holland.


Source: Provincie Flevoland