Nederland investeert 35 miljoen euro in technologische innovatie
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€35 Million for Technological Innovation

  • 21 December 2023

In a bold move towards sustainable advancement, the Netherlands has allocated a substantial €35 million to seven research consortia under the Perspective Program. This initiative, funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, aims to address societal challenges through technological innovations.

One of the funded projects within the Perspective Program focuses on refining plant-based nutrition. Researchers strive to develop methods not only to make plant-based food tastier and healthier but also more sustainable. This innovative approach comes at a crucial juncture, considering the growing demand for sustainable food sources and a healthier lifestyle.

Broad Collaboration for Economic Opportunities

With a total budget of nearly €24 million, of which over €11 million is contributed by 82 involved companies, societal organizations, and governments, this project will unfold over the next six years. This financial support enables 77 researchers to collaborate and collectively contribute to the development of innovative solutions for society.

Technological Innovation Driving Progress

Minister Micky Adriaansens of Economic Affairs and Climate emphasizes the importance of technological developments in strengthening the Dutch position in the global economy. He asserts that the selected projects, including research on plant-based nutrition, play a crucial role in creating economic opportunities and addressing societal challenges. Margot Weijnen, Chair of the NWO Domain of Applied and Technical Sciences, underscores the necessity of collaboration among researchers, businesses, and societal organizations to find solutions, ensuring the Netherlands continues to lead in science and knowledge development.

Source: NWO