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Lavans set the standard for the food industry

Lavans is the first laundry for workwear in the Netherlands to obtain the ISO 22000 certificate. With this unique certification for the renewed high-care laundry, the company from Helmond is fully in line with the hygien..

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Hygienic conveyors

25 February 2019

Are you working in a food processing industry and looking for a solution to transport food? Then Van Rijn has the solution. "We have specialised in the hygienic design, not only of the belt but also of the frame and use....

Coca-Cola and Blücher, same high standards

09 October 2018

Blücher found a partner with the same corporate values in Coca-Cola European Partners Nederland: high quality, sustainability, and high hygiene standards.  Blücher assortment Eveline Bruins: "We manufacture st...

Preventing bacteria on meat!

11 September 2018

Theo Legters, Manager Operations at T. Boer en Zn. is a veteran in the meat industry and has a clear view on hygiene. His motto: “Don’t combat symptoms, but combat the problem at the source”.   Theo Legters likes to g...

Improved hygienic design

08 May 2018

Belt disinfection with UVC light keeps conveyor belts free of bacteria and saves businesses money spent on cleaning and downtime. However, it is a challenge to keep electronic equipment running well in an abattoir or mea...

High-care, high-risk and clean-room technology

09 May 2017

Customers and governments alike are imposing ever-stricter microbiological requirements on food. Therefore, although cost-intensive, it is definitely advisable to use a high-care area when working with higher-risk food p...

Hygiene matters

09 May 2017

Hygiene and efficient cleaning processes are essential in ensuring food safety. Surfaces and equipment must be easy to clean, and waste water from cleaning processes must be disposed of quickly through efficient drainage...

‘Hygienic design is about reducing the risk'

09 May 2017

At Dutch Food Industry, we observed one day of the ‘Hygienic Design Training’ by Commercial Food Sanitation, an Intralox company. An international group of food industry professionals went back to school for three days, ...

Launch of Handtmann VF800

14 June 2016

One of the highlights of the recent IFFA was the launch of the new and innovative Handtmann VF800 series of vacuum fillers. Thanks to the state-of-the art technology, the hygienic design, the highly precise portioning an...

A new hygienic solution hand washing and drying at the sink

09 February 2016

A collaboration between Dyson and industrial hygiene manufacturer Elpress resulted in the development of a hygienic, fully integrated hand washing and drying solution. It’s already been installed in some of the most hygi...

Hygienic-Design Fire Extinguisher Cupboard

30 June 2015

The hygienic design fire extinguisher cupboard improves the safety of your operations at various levels. It raises production reliability by preventing dirt or contamination and it facilitates fire-fighting and hence inc...