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Packaging: sustainable versus political gain

The European Commission is 'through with it': the EU's packaging waste policy has failed. That is why the EU is intervening with new legislation. Which is SO detailed that it is going to have a lot of impact on the food ..

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Sustainable food production: Challenges and frustrations

14 February 2023

The food sector is under a magnifying glass when it comes to sustainability. Not surprisingly, as the whole system of food production, packaging, distribution and consumption has a huge impact on nature. Yet we cannot do...

RIVM: The Dutch eat a lot less red and processed meat

13 February 2023

The Dutch eat more vegetable products such as fruit and vegetables, unsalted nuts and legumes and less red and processed meat. We also drink fewer sugary drinks. This is according to the new Food Consumption Survey (VCP)...

North Holland commits 2.7 million for Food Vision

10 February 2023

North Holland is committed to clean and safe production of healthy, affordable and tasty food for all. Achieving a sustainable food system requires all parties in the food chain to do their bit. The province wants to enc...

How to make insect food mainstream?

09 February 2023

How do consumers react to insect food? And can their opinion change if there is more awareness of its sustainable and circular benefits? Wageningen University & Research conducted research into it. The study consi...

Hessing Supervers opens new factory in Venlo

08 February 2023

Frank Hessing recently received the Super Key, officially rounding off the completion of Hessing's production location in Greenport Venlo. With this sustainable Vegetable Fresh Factory, Hessing is taking an important ste...

Meat substitutes based on protein from grass

07 February 2023

Using protein from grass to develop meat substitutes. That is the goal of the cooperation between Schouten Europe and Grassa. Grass protein is a suitable alternative to soy, an ingredient now often used in meat substitut...

PeelPioneers winner Circular Awards 2023

07 February 2023

On 6 February, the winners of the Circular Awards were announced at the National Circular Economy Conference. Zeeman was chosen winner in the Business Large category, PeelPioneers in the Business Small category and Provi...

SUNT opens world's first banana factory

07 February 2023

In the EU, an average of 120,000 tonnes of bananas are destroyed by customs every year for cosmetic reasons. SUNT Food has been fighting against this unnecessary waste since 2019, making banana bread and 'baked donuts' f...

Online editie februari 2023: Duurzame productielijnen

06 February 2023

De voedingssector ligt onder een vergrootglas als het gaat om duurzaamheid. Niet zo vreemd, want het hele systeem van voedselproductie, verpakken, distribueren en consumptie heeft een enorme impact op d...

Column Judith Witte: Outlook on the future

06 February 2023

Sometimes, when I read my newspaper in the morning, I get desperate. The problems are SO big. The reports on climate change, deforestation and biodiversity loss give me a stomach ache. It makes me glum that the energy tr...

My ERP: Food Management Made Easy

06 February 2023

The food sector is under pressure: there are high requirements for freshness, quality and speed. Moreover, full traceability of products and processes must be guaranteed at all times. Intelligent use of IT for planning a...

From orange peels to sustainable raw material

06 February 2023

Give PeelPioneers 50,000 kilos of orange peels and they transform it into raw materials for use in biscuits, perfumes, etc. But how do they do it? And what does their lubrication look like with all those caustic juices? ...

Column Pieter Vos: More grip on the unconscious

06 February 2023

Did you know that we make only 2 to 4 per cent of our decisions really consciously? Ever had a hangover? Eaten too much that made you nauseous? Crossed a red light and barely escaped being hit by a car? We like to think ...

Roy Meenderink: Pointing out issues

06 February 2023

You don't hear any different. 'We have to become more sustainable'. You know, it's necessary to preserve our earth. Yet I can almost hear you thinking: "It's all expensive enough. What will it cost me?'  You cut ...

Sustainability claims: 'Don't mislead, that will be big trouble'

06 February 2023

Better for the planet! A more sustainable choice! If you develop or market a sustainable food product, as an entrepreneur you will naturally want to mention this on the packaging and in advertising. However, there are mo...