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Packaging: sustainable versus political gain

The European Commission is 'through with it': the EU's packaging waste policy has failed. That is why the EU is intervening with new legislation. Which is SO detailed that it is going to have a lot of impact on the food ..

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Eosta saves 50 millionth plastic packaging

20 January 2023

In late 2016, Eosta (under brand name Nature & More) was the first in Europe to start applying laser technology to fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Eosta called it natural branding, as a way to save stickers and p...

HAK switches to organic

19 January 2023

HAK wants to switch completely to organic cultivation for all vegetables and pulses from the Netherlands by 2027. This is stated in HAK's 'Green Field Plan', an action plan that the vegetable and legume manufacturer is f...

Beans & Fermentation: a winning combination?

17 January 2023

The 'Further with protein-rich crops from nearby' project delves into the potential of fermentation, for processing protein-rich crops from the Netherlands. A regional project to process and market locally grown beans vi...

Sustainability claims: Get it right

12 January 2023

Better for the planet! A more sustainable choice! If you develop or market a sustainable food product, as an entrepreneur you will naturally want to mention this on the packaging and in advertising. However, there are mo...

More money for energy-efficient investments in 2023

02 January 2023

Entrepreneurs will have more opportunities to invest in energy-efficient technologies with tax benefits in 2023. This year, €249 million is available for this purpose through the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) scheme....

QMRP: gamechanger in plastic recycling

27 December 2022

Scientists of TNO working on Circular Plastics have been using chemistry and polymer science to develop an innovative quality model, which translates the material properties of a plastic to a value. It then suggests the ...

Fermentation is key for the circular economy

27 December 2022

Chemicals and materials from renewable raw materials, such as biomass, will become increasingly important in the circular economy of the future. It is likely that microbial fermentation conversion technology will play a ...

Wonder product from mushroom waste

27 December 2022

What remains after a mushroom harvest can be perfectly used as source of bioactive material. This is not only good news for mushroom growers, but it is also good news for companies producing medical supplies. The chitin ...

Agrifood initiative: 'learning to create value in food chains'

19 December 2022

A number of large food companies are jointly launching a 'value creation in food chains' course. A widely supported initiative from within the chain with the aim of bringing all stakeholders in the chain closer together ...

'To go packaging' is hardly ever recycled

12 December 2022

The packaging of to-go stores and fast-food chains is hardly recycled and the possibilities for reuse are very limited. This is according to research by Natuur & Milieu (Nature & Environment). Whether it is coffe...

Circular bioplastics partial solution to climate crisis

12 December 2022

With unchanged policies, global plastic production is likely to triple by 2100. By fully powering a circular biobased plastics industry with emission-free electricity, and by abandoning waste incineration, the sector cou...

Rabobank: Animal protein companies face an inflection point

07 December 2022

Animal protein companies face an inflection point with a need to respond to structural changes in the market even with production levels and prices likely to remain elevated next year, according to Rabobank Producers ...

Major project to halve farmers' greenhouse gases

05 December 2022

Nestlé and Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods are launching a major project to reduce greenhouse gases within dairy farming based on regenerative farming principles in the Netherlands. Nestlé, Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods, Wageningen Un...

Time-Travelling Milkman and Peelon best food startups of 2022

05 December 2022

At the Brave New Food Startup Challenge, ten finalists competed against each other with their innovative food applications. During the final pitch round, Dutch startup Time-Travelling Milkman and US startup Peelon won th...

Cosun introduces new meat substitute ingredient

05 December 2022

Cosun Beet Company introduces a new innovative and functional ingredient for meat substitutes: Fidesse®, the only raw material of this 100% vegetable product is Dutch sugar beet pulp. Sugar beet pulp is a side stream ...