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What we truly think about sustainable food

Milieu Centraal recently released the 'Sustainability Life Monitor 2023'. This report provides a clear and in-depth understanding of the attitudes and actions of the Dutch regarding sustainability. Crucial for the food i..

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CO2 footprint more prominent in horticulture

25 May 2023

The food industry is placing increasing emphasis on reducing its carbon footprint, and the horticulture sector is no exception. To gain a better understanding of the environmental impact of horticultural businesses, CO2 ...

Entrepreneurs cornered by punitive levy on gas

25 May 2023

Business organisations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland have expressed concern about the planned punitive levy on gas in Minister Jetten's recently presented climate plans. While the organisations are overall happy with the cab...

Catering sector starts measuring food waste

23 May 2023

Dutch caterers have started the 'Spill-free Catering' project to measure the amount of food waste in company restaurants, care facilities and school canteens. The online kick-off took place on 9 May, bringing together re...

Eco-score for food makes companies more sustainable

22 May 2023

A new eco-label that gives all food products an environmental score turns out to be more than just a tool for consumers. It could in fact be the key to motivating companies to make more data available on the sustainabili...

Concerns over effectiveness of organic farming policy

19 May 2023

The Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) wants to catch up considerably, going from four per cent now to 15 per cent organic farming area in 2030. However, the Court of Audit's Accountability Survey ...

Online edition May 2023: Food safety

15 May 2023

There is a striking consensus when it comes to ensuring (food) safety in production areas. What is the optimal indoor climate for a production area? And how do you achieve it? In the feature story, we d...

Companies lag behind in implementing ESG legislation

15 May 2023

The introduction of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) has been delayed by a year, but this is hardly resulting in progress in the implementation and reporting of Environmental, Social & Governan...

The advance of European mushrooms

12 May 2023

European edible mushrooms are a treasure trove of very different flavours and textures, they are nutritious and are also responsibly and locally produced. To promote all these benefits across Europe, GEPC Promo (European...

European Parliament supports ban on greenwashing

11 May 2023

On Thursday, May 11, 2023, the European Parliament (EP) approved a new directive aimed at more sustainable products and the end of greenwashing. The directive stands for improving the labeling and longevity of products. ...

Inflation tempered by lower rise in food prices

11 May 2023

Dutch consumers had to pay an average of 5.2 percent more for goods and services in April this year than a year earlier. This is according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. In March, inflation was still 4.4 percent...

Are CO2 neutral claims reliable?

10 May 2023

Testaankoop, a Belgian consumer organization, warns that CO2 neutral claims on products can be misleading to consumers. Buying carbon credits, to offset CO2 emissions, is not reliable because these credits are not suffic...

Veos converts animal blood into drinkable water

10 May 2023

Veos, producer of animal proteins for the food industry, is investing 2 million euros in a new water treatment plant that will filter up to 150 cubic meters of animal blood daily into drinkable water. This investment is ...

The Dutch dare to be more plant-based

10 May 2023

The sixth edition of the Dutch Week Without Meat & Dairy took place from March 6-12, 2023. The results show that the annual campaign is a trusted basis for many Dutch people to dare to try new recipes and products. A...

New method for upgrading biogas

09 May 2023

A team of researchers from the Engineering and Technology Institute Groningen (ENTEG) has developed a new method for upgrading biogas. The research aims to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by replacing natur...

185 investors demand approach to plastic crisis

09 May 2023

A group of 185 investors with combined assets of $10 trillion, coordinated by the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development, is calling for drastic measures to address the plastic crisis.  In a joint s...