Into the future with the new generation ERP
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Into the future with the new generation ERP

  • 07 March 2022
  • By: Esther van der Lelie

Enterprise software supplier Aptean facilitates food & beverage companies with their digital transformation. Not only with a specialized ERP system but with a more broadly oriented, modular, always up-to-date software platform for the long term. 

With its software solutions, Aptean serves companies in various industries, including over 250 companies in the food & beverage sector in the Benelux alone. Yet their name is not known to all parties in this sector. For some, the name will only ring a bell when it is revealed that this international company has taken over local players Schouw Informatisering and Din Solutions in 2019 and 2020.  This has resulted in a global push for the organisation. With accompanying benefits for the affiliated SMEs and enterprise companies. Joris Kolff, account director food & beverages EMEA, and Roel de Bruijn, manager new business EMEA, explain what Aptean stands for and what its added value is.  

More than ERP 

"Aptean specialises in ERP systems for the whole of the food and beverage market, whether it's small or large business," Joris kicks off. "We facilitate their digital transformation. But we do so much more than just ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). We develop and integrate various systems around it, such as TMS (transport), EAM (asset management), OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), EDI (electronic data interchange) and Business Intelligence. We create their own uniform 'data source of truth', which gives them insight and overview. A platform that is always up-to-date. That is our added value." 

Different approach 

Joris explains what he often observes and hears in practice: "Food companies often buy an ERP system from one supplier and software for logistics, planning or communication, for example, from other suppliers. This requires a lot of time, energy and money. Consider the work involved in researching and investigating all these different systems, having them implemented and integrated with other systems, and keeping them up to date. If something goes wrong, there is a debate about where the fault lies and who is responsible for the solution. Also, these software solutions are often short-term. After three years or so, it is time for another upgrade, re-implementation or renewal. We approach it differently."

One future-oriented platform 

Roel and Joris advise companies to make long-term choices in order to be ready for the future. With a single total platform that brings together all the systems the customer wants. Enabling them to work more efficiently, manage costs effectively, minimise waste, guarantee quality and realise growth. In short, enabling them to manage based on data and making them less dependent on the individual. As a result, the entrepreneur or management will have the peace of mind they need to continue to focus on their own growth. "For example, you can start with our ERP system alone at first, knowing that scaling up is possible later without upgrade, re-implementation or renewal," Joris clarifies. "Our cloud-native solutions include app-based options that are always up to date. We offer a full integrated ecosystem of business applications. Unique in the market, which is why we expect customers to start saying 'Aptean is my future-proof partner."

A local focus with global freedom 

"Why do companies want to partner up with Aptean?" Roel has his answer ready immediately: "Because we are a company that still offers a local feel in the Dutch market, but acts within the capabilities of a global organisation that meets local requirements. We enter into long-term partnerships with our customers. For example, we still have many customers from the very beginning, almost 25 years ago, who are now partners of Aptean due to the acquisition." He mentions some well-known brands that are among the clientele: "LaBan Foods, Domino's Pizza, Euro-Caps and Hessing Supervers."  

Getting to know Aptean 

To introduce interested parties to Aptean, the automation company is organising an experience and introduction event on 12 April 2022 at customer LaBan Foods in Bodegraven. Roel: "Food companies are welcome at 12:00 hrs to discover our software solutions. We will share our knowledge, Laban will tell about its experiences and the participants will get a tour of the production location. LaBan works with Aptean's ERP system, scanning, shopfloor control, EDI and forecasting. Around 15.30 hrs the event will be concluded. If 12 April is not a suitable date, you can of course contact us for an alternative meeting."

Photo men: © Peter Roek, photo stockroom: © Esther Hereijgers

Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie 2022