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Poster Meatindustry

Every year, the professional magazine 'Voedingsindustrie' publishes a poster (A1) with the structure of the Dutch meat, meat products and convenience food industry. So much is changing in the Netherlands over the course ..

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Cooling/freezing and CO2 reduction

10 June 2019

You get the highest return on your cooling installation at night. What do we do with solar panels on the roof of a cold store? Use them to freeze during the day! If the cold store is 25 m high, you only get about a quart...

Necessary evil

10 June 2019

Biodiversity on earth has fallen drastically in recent years. In the Netherlands and elsewhere, at least 613 animal species have disappeared since 1900. The main cause: HUMANS. Forest clearing, road construction, trade i...

Insulate and receive a subsidy

10 June 2019

The new generation of high-speed spiral doors from EFAFLEX are specially designed to combat energy loss. All doors come standard with thermal break slats and PU foam insulation filling: the EFA-THERM® insulation slat.&nb...

New legislation for chillers

09 April 2018

A highly important aspect of guaranteeing food safety is a closed refrigeration chain. This is not only to preserve the freshness and quality of food, but also to satisfy legal requirements. One of these laws is the E...

Temperature-controlled solutions

09 May 2017

ICS Cool Energy is a specialist in all aspects of climate control, refrigeration and heating solutions and is a dependable partner for almost every conceivable industry: manufacturing, plastics, food & beverage, chem...

Duurzame oplossing voor koelwater

13 September 2016

In de industrie worden er per jaar miljoenen kubieke liters koelwater verbruikt om processen te koelen. In de voedingsmiddelenindustrie wordt water verdampt in koeltorens of verdampingscondensors. Het verdampen van koelw...

Between cold storage areas

14 June 2016

Fast and safe internal logistics is of great importance in the chilled and frozen food sector because it increases productivity considerably. Optimal climate separation in the open doorway is the best solution. Clear ...

‘Cold storage companies are also knowledge partners'

14 June 2016

“The food industry is placing ever-greater demands on the cold chain,” says Aloys Putmans, CEO/Director of Nekovri, “but the cold storage sector is working hard to demonstrate its added value in chilled and frozen food.”...

What can the cold chain offer the fresh chain?

14 June 2016

New food concepts and new suppliers are making an entrance, the topic of food waste is higher up on the agenda than ever before, sustainability and energy efficiency form an essential part of the business strategy and th...

‘Nostalgia clouds the discussion about additives’

14 June 2016

Consumer trust in the food industry is low, but the cause is not clear. “What is clear is that the industry will have to do something to improve its communication with consumers,” says Director Philip den Ouden (FNLI). ...

Keeping online food cool for more than 24 hours

14 June 2016

Recycold® has developed recyclable one-way cool packs and transport boxes that are 100% eco-friendly, 100% food safe and 100% temperature-controlled. Food is currently the biggest source of online growth. However, in vie...

‘Cool has never been so cool'

14 June 2016

Recyclable one-way cool packs and distribution boxes that are 100% sustainable, 100% food-grade and 100% temperature-controlled – the increase in online food sales is creating high demand for such products. The new compa...

Improving quality in chilled food products

10 May 2016

The entire organisation plays a role in quality. It is becoming increasingly common for quality specialists to work together with colleagues from other departments in order to take quality to the next level. Here, three ...

Energiebesparende klimaatscheiding

12 April 2016

Het Biddle industrie-luchtgordijn, model IndAC2 ambient, garandeert niet alleen een optimale klimaatscheiding in de deuropening, maar zorgt ook voor een constante temperatuur in het vrieshuis en reduceert het energieverb...

Ultramodern and sustainable solutions at Westfort

09 February 2016

Westfort is the combination of two family-run companies, both with a long history in pork: Egbert Kruiswijk Vleesproducten B.V. and Lunenburg Vlees B.V. They decided to join forces in 2013, and Westfort recently opened i...