Doors influence the functioning of the building
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Doors influence the functioning of the building

  • 14 June 2021
  • Door: Esther van der Lelie

Poultry slaughterhouse Remkes had a new building constructed to expand the production of cooked chicken meat products. A sustainable building with modern machinery and industrial doors that guarantee the functioning of the building. Two generations meet here to revisit the past, to realise the new building and to look into the future.

Opposite the existing production location, new premises have been built for poultry slaughterhouse Remkes in Epe. The new building includes a 4,000 m2 pasteurisation and cooking area, a 3,800 m2 cold storage area and a 2,400 m2 shipping area. The ambitions for this location are high; the goal is full integration of the entire chain in a BREEAM-NL Outstanding (sustainable) building. A healthy indoor climate for the production, processing and cool storage of the chicken meat products is important in realising this ambition. How did Remkes achieve this? Father Hennie and son Marcel Dijkkamp enthusiastically talk about their involvement.

Every chicken is different

Hennie Dijkkamp has been working at the chicken slaughterhouse for over 50 years. "As a 14-year old boy, I worked here during holidays and I 'stuck around'. There were 10 of us then and we worked in a large barn. I was allowed to cut necks, fold wings and clean crates. Later, I worked on the conveyor belt until I got assigned to the post-control. The good thing is that you are really involved with the product. Every chicken is different, some are easier to process than others. Nowadays, the rough work is done by machine, the post control is a bit of manual work that still remains. That still fascinates me." Hennie describes the 'old days' with a bit of nostalgia. "When we worked with a small group, the atmosphere was more friendly, you knew each other and each other's families. Now we work with about 100 people of different nationalities. You don't know everyone personally. But I get on my bike five days a week to go to work and make every day my day."

Marcel (left) and Hennie Dijkkamp proud of the new building

The growth to new premises

In the past 50 years, the company has experienced growth. From a large barn to - after implementing food safety inspections - modernisation via expansions and renovations in and around the existing building, to a completely new building. The growth in production is outlined by Hennie as: "We used to slaughter an average of 600-800 chickens per hour, now it's thousands."

His son Marcel also worked at Remkes during the holidays. "In the packaging and stocking department and in the shop on Saturdays. It was hard work, but you worked together. After school, I started working in electrical engineering and five years ago I ended up at industrial door expert Prodoor in Apeldoorn. It was quite special when we received the order for the industrial doors for Remkes' new premises. It's nice to work in familiar territory and it's nice to share a past and a future with my father."

Prodoor supplied and installed 60 refrigeration and freezer doors, 23 high-speed doors that are very flexible and 10 ISO Speed Cold high-speed insulated doors by order of K.I.M. Nederland. "We quickly established a positive working relationship with the technical staff of Remkes. This enabled us to respond even better to their requirements and wishes during installation. Because of our expertise, we were also asked to take care of technical matters in the old building." The production location is now ready to accommodate the intended activities and meets the requirements of BREEAM-NL Outstanding. 

Hennie Dijkkamp talks about the development of Remkes over the years

Future ambitions

Hennie understands why Remkes took this step. "If you want to keep up with the market, you have to modernise. For us as production staff it makes our work easier and lighter. In doing so, Remkes does not lose sight of its concern for its greatest capital, its employees. Marcel considered it a great project to work on: "I helped prepare the work, consulted with our mechanics and the technical staff of Remkes. We are not finished yet, because after the installation, aftercare is always needed. Good maintenance extends the technical life span. We were able to show our clients who we are, what we do and what we are capable of." 

InSpire centre 

Prodoor is working on a platform to share its knowledge on primary contemporary underexposed topics in the food industry, such as energy, hygiene and fire, with end users and specifiers. In order for them to make the right choices when constructing a building that is functional for people, products and materials. A building that enables you to get ahead!

Photos: © Koos Groenewold

Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie 2021