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Packaging: sustainable versus political gain

The European Commission is 'through with it': the EU's packaging waste policy has failed. That is why the EU is intervening with new legislation. Which is SO detailed that it is going to have a lot of impact on the food ..

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Cooling and freezing: not an easy job

11 April 2022

Cooling and freezing are methods that have been known for centuries to extend the shelf life of food. A lower temperature slows down the chemical reactions in the product and reduces microbiological growth, but it also c...

Clarity about mustard allergens

11 April 2022

Nutrilab has expanded the LC-MSMS method for allergen screening. This in response to requests from the market. A reference method for the identification of allergenic proteins from mustard was lacking and existing test k...

mEATquality studies whether tastes differ

17 March 2022

mEATquality is a new European project that will study all aspects of pork and broiler meat production. The main ambition of mEATquality is to provide consumers with better-quality meat and the animals with a high level o...

Does sustainable packaging exist?

07 March 2022

Plastic is lightweight, has good protective properties and is therefore a widely used material for packaging in the food industry. Unfortunately, current plastic packaging is far from circular. Packaging that causes the ...

New standard for counting yeasts and moulds

04 March 2022

Several international standards exist for the counting of yeasts and moulds in food and feed. Laboratories have to obtain the necessary information from several sources. Therefore, it has been decided to revise these sta...

TOP-BV invests in a vegan egg alternative

11 February 2022

Protein transition and veganism are here to stay. Therefore TOP-BV is investing in the coming period in the development of ingredients, products and systems to create a vegan alternative to the egg. The expectation is to...

3D printed protein paste mimics animal fat

10 February 2022

In the search for the perfect vegetarian burger or steak, fat plays a major role. The animal fat in meat has a certain creaminess and mouth feel that seems difficult to replace. Researchers at Wageningen University &...

New centre for microbial teamwork

09 February 2022

Mankind has used micro-organisms since time immemorial. To make beer or cheese, for example. In biotechnology, this discipline has been elevated to an art form. But this often involves one type of bacteria or fungus that...

Arla develops technology to extract protein from milk

26 November 2021

Arla Foods created a technology to separate milk into its different protein components, opening the door to infinite innovation possibilities. The patented method, called milk fractionation, enables scientists, nutrition...

Cleaning; starting point of every production process

15 November 2021

It is always raining reports at the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA): Salmonella in meatloaves, smoked sausages and in basil spice spreaders, Listeria monocytogenes in frozen corn, allergens in pro...

Nutreco and Mosa Meat to lower costs of cultivated meat

25 October 2021

Nutreco and Mosa Meat announce on 21 October that the European REACT-EU recovery assistance programme awards their joint ‘Feed for Meat’ project with a grant of almost EUR 2M to advance cellular agriculture and bring cul...

Juicier and healthier vegan meat due to heated soya-protein

25 October 2021

The production industry uses a standard method to extract proteins from soybeans. PhD student Yu Peng from Wageningen University altered this industrial process, making vegetarian meat juicier and healthier. Juicy veg...

Innovative cucumber growers

15 October 2021

Innovative cucumber growers provide cucumbers from their own land all year round, thus making the market less dependent on imports from Southern Europe. They are participating in a research programme to develop the optim...

Fermentation can improve taste of plant-based proteins

14 October 2021

A new research project, partly funded by the Dutch government’s Top Sector Agri & Food initiative, aims to develop new fermentation processes to improve the quality and flavour of plant-based proteins.  Plant...

WUR produces kerosene from bio-based side streams

12 October 2021

Wageningen University & Research has developed a new type of aviation fuel that is produced using bio-based waste streams from the agriculture industry. One of the targets of the Renewable Energy Directive II (RED...