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Anuga FoodTec 2024

As the food industry sees the rise of new trends and technologies, there's an increasing demand for innovative solutions. Food producers are on the lookout for ways to marry efficiency with sustainability, aiming to meet..

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Robots over een paar jaar niet meer weg te denken

09 July 2018

Het is Richard van der Linde, founder van Lacquey, gelukt om een volautomatische robot te verkopen die de kern van een krop ijsbergsla verwijderd. Twee seconde per krop, dit betekent dat de machine 900 kilo per uur kan v...

Investments in robotics increased

11 December 2017

Robotization gets more and more foothold in the Dutch food industry. This is stated by the ‘Sector Advisory Food companies in economic perspective’ report of ABN AMRO. In the food sector the number of new purchased ro...

Taking slicing and packaging to the highest leve

11 April 2017

Ton Aarnink’s meat factory is based in the Dutch town of Meppel. With his knowledge of the business, his strong team and top-quality machines, this seasoned butcher can make virtually any meat product. Ton Aarnink has...

Presentations, demos and workshops

11 April 2017

Are you interested in attending an interesting day about surface finishing and metalworking? And seeing demonstrations of some of the most innovative and robotised machines around? Or perhaps you’re keen to learn about t...

Burgers, burgers and yet more burgers

06 March 2017

The burgers from Halifax in Denmark are tasty, classically American but certainly not old-fashioned. But before customers can bite heartily into their burgers, the various components must be safely packed for the journey...

Efficiency gains thanks to new building

07 February 2017

The company called Aan de Stegge Twello has reached an agreement relating to the new-build project for Hems/Fortuna in Oss. Hems BV and its subsidiary Fortuna BV are specialised in the supply of a wide range of meat prod...

PEF for fries and crisps

14 November 2016

Pulsemaster BV from Bladel has introduced an effective new pulsed electric field (PEF) pilot-scale batch system, under the brand name ‘Solidus’. The system can be used to determine the effects of PEF on whole potatoes in...

Digitale transitie

11 October 2016

‘De volgende – diepere – golf van digitalisering dient zich aan, een golf die ons leven nog ingrijpender en sneller zal veranderen. Toonaangevende experts geven aan dat bij de juiste (beleids)keuzes een extra BBP groei v...

De robotsamenleving

11 October 2016

De robotsamenleving komt eraan! Het Rathenau Instituut riep daarom dit voorjaar de politiek op om daar ‘een wenkend perspectief van te maken, een uitgangspunt dat richting kan geven. De geschiedenis laat zien dat dat kan...

Generator is compact and easy to use

11 October 2016

Following a fire in early 2016, Dutch firm De Dessert Meesters, manufacturer of desserts and ice cream, hurriedly went in search of new, temporary production facilities. They found suitable factory premises but there was...

End of line packaging & storage

11 October 2016

Are you looking for the complete package? Not just a material handling & storage partner, but also a proactive organisation that focuses on your distinctiveness and can supply turnkey solutions?  Your company...

Automation projects at Bolletje

11 October 2016

Holding on to its products’ tradition of craftsmanship while also being recognised for innovation and expressiveness – that’s what Bolletje demonstrated it had been able to do last year when it won the FNLI Brand of the ...

Intelligent robots on the work floor

11 October 2016

Big data, smart industry, IoT, cloud robotics, virtual and augmented reality – none of this is science fiction any more. Aiming to keep it all as simple as possible, this article ‘merely’ explores the trends and developm...

Özgazi opts for QiSOFT

13 September 2016

Özgazi is striving to become the world’s largest and most efficient manufacturer of high-quality soft white cheese (feta). In order to achieve its ambition, the company recently installed an ultra-modern production line ...

‘Food to Be’ Expo

14 June 2016

From 3D-printed hospital meals to robotic milking systems and from floating farms to test-tube meat, the Netherlands is bursting with innovative entrepreneurs. Here are a selection of the innovations that were on display...