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Smart Conversation

  • 07 October 2019
  • Door: Saskia Stender

Sometimes I think, "I should have learned a profession". A profession that can be automated. So I can deal with the big (creative) issues and leave the daily routine to a robot. I love to talk to business relations, to learn from each other, and to offer creative solutions for - in my case in particular - communication. However, what I hate, and often don't have time for, is to type an extensive report afterwards.

What if you have three to four conversations in a day? I hear from many business relations that in reality this means that after dinner at home you have to open your laptop to make the reports in your own time, because tomorrow there are 3 more conversations planned. Do you remember what you discussed and with whom? For the most part yes, but certainly not everything! I stumbled upon that as well.

After a long day, you're no longer very sharp. When I'm in the car, in between two appointments, the conversation still rushes through my head. Then I turn on my phone. I press the microphone on the keyboard and record everything on my phone. Now and then I press 'save'. When I get back to the office, the conversation report is neatly typed and ready for me. I am amazed by the self-learning ability and how few writing errors there are in the text. Even the grammar is almost perfect. Talk about smart.

Saskia Stender

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