Smart, smart, smart
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Smart, smart, smart

  • 07 October 2019
  • Door: Herman Bessels

'Smart'; it may sound future-oriented and trendy, but it's a dragon with many faces. We are far from overseeing the consequences. 

You can't transform digitally in one day, but it goes quickly. At breakneck speed. The acceleration of the digital transformation increases quadratically every day: 2, 4, 16, 256, 65536. The consequences are huge.

Smart requires highly educated personnel; higher professional education and university level. Only the smart ones up to 35, max 40 years will survive. For the others it is 'too bad', and you no longer have a job. Too bad for all those low-educated people worldwide, but their jobs will evaporate. 

Smart also requires new buildings. We, Bessel's architects, are already building humanless factories - where far-reaching robotisation and extreme digitisation requires completely different structures. The result: in the near future, many buildings of 15 years and older can be scrapped.

Philips manufactured shavers in Drachten, then in China and now again in Drachten, in a robot factory. Soon they will go back to China, because they do things slightly smarter there. We no longer talk about the market value of large multinationals. IT guys like Facebook, Apple, Google, etc. are passing them by on every level.

The characteristic of the Smart industry is: 'There is no tomorrow, only today. Now is yesterday and that's over'. It's like fish. It starts to spoil as soon as you pull it out of the water. 

'Smart' means starting from scratch every day. Think: 'how do I really do things smartly today'.

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