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The smart food factory of the future

The resources we have at our disposal to feed the world are limited. How can new chip and digital technologies contribute to a society where everyone in the Netherlands has access to healthy and sustainably produced food..

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Innovative weighing machine for the food industry

12 May 2015

Over the years, ACB Solutions has developed and launched various innovative products for a number of different sectors. Its most recent product development is a weighing machine for the food sector: the PM 2015. For a ma...

Industrial Basic Scales

12 May 2015

Mettler Toledo has presented its new range of Industrial Basic Scales: a portfolio of robust scales with precise and reliable weighing technology for use in wet and dry environments. This range offers an affordable optio...

Ultrasonic sealing

12 May 2015

Kaas-Pack processes various types of cheese into grated cheese, cheese slices or cubes. In 2014 the company invested in a GEA SmartPacker vertical packaging machine. They were seeking – and found – a machine which seals ...

New location for Hutten en Zonen

12 May 2015

Hutten en Zonen intends to become the most modern and most sustainable beef slaughterhouse and meat processing company in Europe. The company opened its new production facility in the Dutch town of Heeten in early March ...

Diepop and Precia Molen

12 May 2015

Cold storage and handling company Diepop, based in the Dutch city of Waalwijk, processes ten million boxes of potato products and snacks each year. To safeguard the company’s quality at such high speed, a fully bespoke w...

Packaging: Enticing or misleading?

12 May 2015

The label on a packaged food product is the perfect place for manufacturers to communicate with their consumers. Ideally, a manufacturer wants to use that space to entice the consumer: buy me! However, food producers are...

Branding by banding

12 May 2015

The new labelling law came into force in mid-December 2014, leading many food processing companies to seek alternative ways to provide all the required information on their packaging. One suitable option is the band labe...

Which packaging film do you need for meat?

12 May 2015

Packaging of meat has several functions: it contains the product, protects the meat against deteriorative effects, prevents the meat from becoming contaminated or dehydrated, extends the shelf life, provides space for la...

What’s the most optimal choice?

12 May 2015

The demand for sustainable packaging will grow considerably in the years ahead. The government, the packaging industry and the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) have agreed to reuse more packaging materials...

Trends in packaging

12 May 2015

Small packaging machines and small packaging volumes are the key trends of today. Extending the shelf life has been a hot topic for years, which is why fresh products are increasingly packaged in skin film or micro-perfo...

Solaris e-Solarmark lasers

14 April 2015

At the recent Empack event in Den Bosch, De Koningh Coding & Labeling presented the third-generation e-Solarmark lasers by Solaris, which can code moving projects at high speed. The mirrors are mounted on a new digit...

Band labels as information carriers of the future

14 April 2015

The new labelling law came into force in mid-December 2014, forcing many food processing companies to seek alternative ways to provide all the required information on their packaging. One option is the band label because...

4FOOD ERP software

14 April 2015

There is a growing need for transparency in the food chain; recent food scandals have placed traceability and transparency high on the agenda. Fierce competition makes optimal efficiency essential, which for food manufac...

Complete transparency at Groothedde

14 April 2015

Meat specialist Groothedde based in the Dutch town of Vaassen supplies beef and pork from carefully selected suppliers, primarily to retailers, the meat processing industry and foodservice/wholesale customers. How does t...


10 March 2015

De Saniclip is de nieuwe innovatieve ontwikkeling van Habasit voor het snel demonteren en reinigen van kunststof modulaire banden, zonder gebruik te maken van gereedschap. Regelmatig reinigen in hygiënisch-kritische proc...