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online editie duurzame productielijnen februari 2022

Veel start-ups, scale-ups en mkb-ondernemingen in de foodsector ontwikkelen nieuwe producten en innovatieve technieken voor het extraheren van eiwitten uit grondstoffen. De energieprijzen blijven maar stijgen en..

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Column Judith Witte: Where there's a will...

07 February 2022

Did you make them too? New Year's resolutions? More sports and exercise. Have a healthier diet. Cutting down on alcohol. Lose weight. Be less stressed, have more fun. Living more sustainably. Learn something new! Rese...

Edwin Bark: "The sweetspot lies with diehard carnivores"

07 February 2022

It has been done: making vegetable meat with the structure of a bavette, including blood, fat and muscle tissue. If you want to taste the vegan steak from the Israeli start-up Redefine Meat, you still have to go to a top...

Column Pieter Vos: SMART

07 February 2022

Sustainability ... everyone is talking about it, but what is it really? When are you? How do you ensure the sustainability of a production line? The interpretation of the concept differs from person to person and from co...

Expansion of largest food-grade pilot plant in EU

07 February 2022

Many start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs in the food sector are developing new products and innovative techniques for extracting proteins from raw materials on a laboratory scale. NIZO helps them bring these innovations to the...

Optimal stock usage in the fruit and vegetable sector

07 February 2022

Consumers expect to be able to get fresh produce at any time - with the emphasis on "fresh" and "at any time". The challenge for the industry is to find a balance between product availability and minimising the costs ass...

Internet of Food

07 February 2022

Preventing food waste, the protein and energy transition, a nitrogen crisis: there are major challenges ahead for the food sector. Digitalisation can help face these challenges and speed up innovations. But it is also a ...

Topseal becomes more popular

07 February 2022

Topseal packaging is here to stay. They are easy to print and provide a better presentation in the supermarket. The share of plastic in the packaging has been reduced by an average of 30 percent. Because they contribute ...

Esbro exploits every change in temperature

07 February 2022

Innovation and quality are leading for Esbro, 'Brand new' is an important spearhead. Littel technical installations (Lti) from Lopik helps Esbro - with the latest technology in refrigeration - to take big steps towards s...

Carl Siegert: It's about sustainability and innovation

07 February 2022

The bakery of Carl Siegert is located in Harmelen. Here, a wide variety of bread and buns are made according to traditional methods, and baked using the latest techniques. Sustainability and innovation; that is what it i...

Solar collectors: sustainable solution for process water

07 February 2022

Energy prices keep rising and fossil fuels like natural gas are controversial and not very sustainable. Solar collectors are a good alternative: for the environment and for reducing energy costs. Companies in the food...

To measure = to know = pure profit

07 February 2022

Until 4 March 2022, student teams are working on food waste issues of companies and organisations. They think about innovations that contribute to the prevention of food wastage.  The MBO Challenge Food Waste 202...

Circular use of plastic food packaging

07 February 2022

Coalition Food2Food 2.0 consists of more than 30 chain partners committed to the circular use of plastic. The focus is on an industrial test of CurvCode, a Dutch innovation for separating plastics from waste streams.&nbs...