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online editie duurzame productielijnen februari 2022

Veel start-ups, scale-ups en mkb-ondernemingen in de foodsector ontwikkelen nieuwe producten en innovatieve technieken voor het extraheren van eiwitten uit grondstoffen. De energieprijzen blijven maar stijgen en..

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Column Saskia Stender: Doing business with pleasure

07 February 2022

In recent years, we have shown how flexible we can be. We complied with all the measures taken to contain the pandemic. At first because we agreed that it was necessary, later against our will. At every press conferen...

Invisible hazards of the food industry

07 February 2022

Invisible hazards are not on the radar of the food industry, Ernest Conradi points out. In the light of the increasing number of renovations, he warns against the use of unsuitable materials. Actually it is not rocket...

Microbiological reduction in entire production area?

04 February 2022

Simpeldesinfecteren knows it can be done for sure. Your production area is not an operating room, it does not have to be sterile. The Nocotech disinfection system works so well that it reduces all micro-organisms to a ve...