To measure = to know = pure profit
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To measure = to know = pure profit

  • 07 February 2022

Until 4 March 2022, student teams are working on food waste issues of companies and organisations. They think about innovations that contribute to the prevention of food wastage. 

The MBO Challenge Food Waste 2022 focuses on measuring the impact of waste. Research shows that every euro invested in a proven solution to prevent food waste pays for itself 14 times over. The Foundation Together against Food Waste and Wageningen University do a lot of research on the impact of waste. They have published a leaflet 'to measure = to know = pure profit' for companies. 


Do you, as a student team or school, want to work on the challenges of one of the companies or organisations below? Make the effect of your solution in this challenge measurable and make a statement about the potential profit it brings. An expert jury will evaluate the submitted cases (deadline 4 March). Nominated teams will be invited to the finals. The final event will take place on 21 April 2022.

Challenge Food Surplus

Supermarkets do their best to waste as little as possible but there are always products left over that they can no longer sell. Food Surplus allows the supermarket to freeze these products before the best before date and keep them for another 2 months. The question: 'What can you make from and with pureed frozen ready-to-eat vegetables?

Challenge Cater Concept

From the daily hectic of work and procedures in our company restaurants and school canteens, this caterer is looking for digital solutions and tools that can help to further reduce food waste in their daily operations. "Think out-of-the-box about digital solutions to reduce food waste." 

Challenge Farmer Martin

Farmer Martin in the Hoeksche Waard wants to take food out of the anonymity of the supermarket and let people experience their food again! "Harvesting your own food and enjoying a product, which is fresh, and grown in a fair way." During the harvest season, large groups of families visit every weekend. They learn about the added value of home-grown food. Schools are also welcome during the week, but say they do not have enough time or money to do so. They mainly see obstacles. Martin looks for solutions to make schoolchildren 'food-conscious'.

HIWINE Challenge

Theo Polman, owner of HIWINE, sells drinks, wine and speciality beers. Those beers have a limited shelf life. Every week, we check whether they are up to the UHD. Theo thinks it's a shame to throw away the special beers and therefore sells them at a greatly reduced price. Theo's question is: 'Is there an innovative solution for my problem?

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