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Working together on the most groundbreaking innovations

Since 2004, Foodvalley NL has been developed into the food innovation center of Europe. The Netherlands can and should play a major role in developing the food system of the future. Discover how and taste the opportuniti..

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Innovations to combat food waste

14 June 2016

Over the past years, a large number of food manufacturers and retailers have worked with researchers from Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research and Top Institute Food & Nutrition (TIFN) to explore the area of ra...

De toekomst van ons voedsel

10 May 2016

Eind april werd door de Groep ‘Diverse Werkzaamheden’ van de EESC (European Economic and Social Committee) in Den Haag een conferentie georganiseerd  over onder andere voedselproductie en duurzaamheid en gezonde voe...

“A significant quality improvement"

10 May 2016

“Consumers nowadays have such a wide choice so we have to set ourselves apart in several different ways,” says Ferry Stevens, who is responsible for quality at Febo and was closely involved in the brand’s recent upgrade....

Treat farmers, fishermen and processors with respect

10 May 2016

On 11 April 2016 #Foodtopia – an exhibition about the future of our food – opened at Rabobank headquarters. Food and agriculture expert Prof. Dr. Ir. Louise O. Fresco, chair of the executive board of Wageningen Universit...

Energiebesparende klimaatscheiding

12 April 2016

Het Biddle industrie-luchtgordijn, model IndAC2 ambient, garandeert niet alleen een optimale klimaatscheiding in de deuropening, maar zorgt ook voor een constante temperatuur in het vrieshuis en reduceert het energieverb...

Developing innovative concepts

12 April 2016

At family-run company Ruitenberg Ingredients in Twello conceptual ideas, ingredients and processes are combined. These three pillars form the basis for the successful development of high-quality products. The company eve...

Australian grain-fed beef with character

08 March 2016

Animal welfare, sustainability, food safety – all these topics are playing an increasingly important role in meat-buying decisions. And yet even these aspects are not enough for today’s demanding consumers, who also want...

Van Dam says: overhaul the food system

08 March 2016

There is broad support from 22 EU Member States plus Norway and Switzerland, the international world of business and healthcare patient organisations for gradually making food products healthier by reducing salt, saturat...

Industry and trade revert to quality-focused sourcing

08 March 2016

Global market research firm Mintel has identified six packaging trends for 2016: digital printing, transparency (both in information and literally), new levels of quality of films and foils, sustainability, customisation...

Governmental focus on the biobased economy

09 February 2016

An economy that uses renewable sources, waste flows and waste materials from agriculture and the food industry to produce materials and energy: the ‘biobased economy’ holds the key to the future and represents opportunit...

What can we expect?

09 February 2016

What lies ahead for the food industry in the coming years? Which social developments will have a strong impact on the food sector? What will drive innovation? We have prepared this overview of three important topics for ...

Ultramodern and sustainable solutions at Westfort

09 February 2016

Westfort is the combination of two family-run companies, both with a long history in pork: Egbert Kruiswijk Vleesproducten B.V. and Lunenburg Vlees B.V. They decided to join forces in 2013, and Westfort recently opened i...

MAT Hybrid: sustainable and safe climate zone separation

09 February 2016

If you want to separate two areas with different climates, your first thought will probably be to install a wall and a door. But what if you’re a wholesaler with fresh departments that must be easily accessible and also ...

Sustainability in flooring

24 November 2015

High demands are placed on floors in the food processing industry. In addition to having to withstand heavy mechanical loads, a floor must also be easy to clean thoroughly, offer sufficient anti-slip properties in damp c...

Enjoyment slice for slice

30 June 2015

The Polish dairy OSM SIERPC offers its high-quality hard cheese in an innovative consumer pack: it is easy to open, can be reclosed and keeps the cheese slices fresh for a long time. There is an almost 60 metre long pack...