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Volop interactie tijdens Empack Reconnect

De eerste online verpakkingsbeurs van de Benelux vond plaats op donderdag 17 september. De verpakkingscommunity had eindelijk de mogelijkheid om elkaar online te ontmoeten, te netwerken en zaken te doen. Circa 200 exposa..

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Entry-level thermoformer

18 November 2014

The R085 thermoforming packaging machine is ideal for small volumes. Its thermoforming depth of max. 80 millimetres offers many packaging opportunities for both vacuum and MAP packaging. Thanks to the quick-change system...

Innovative packaging concept: Mylar

14 October 2014

An innovative packaging concept which enables food products – and their packaging – to be placed from the freezer directly into the oven or microwave or on the contact grill. It saves energy, reduces food waste and impro...

New series of semi-automatic tray sealers

09 September 2014

Het Packhuys is introducing a new series of semi-automatic tray sealers for the Benelux market, which are able to produce MAP and/or SKIN packages. The machines are favorably in terms of price, have a compact and mobile ...

Succesvol met Webomatic dieptrekkers

10 June 2014

Sismatec heeft opnieuw een aantal dieptrekkers verkocht, waaronder een compacte ML2600 aan TRIPLE MEAT. Naast de bekende toepassingen met flexibele en/of harde folie is er ook steeds meer vraag naar de SKIN machine. Ook ...

Weeg-/etiketteer machine WLS 400

10 June 2014

Accuraat wegen, hoge printkwaliteit, complete etiketinformatie en hoge verwerkingssnelheid zijn enkele belangrijke kenmerken van de WLS 400 weeg-/etiketteermachine. Het toetsenbord en de grafische display geven de gebrui...

Laminated films and laminated barrier films

10 June 2014

Laminated films and laminated barrier films provide food products with precisely the right kind of protection: a moisture-impervious barrier (to prevent dehydration), an oxygen barrier (to slow the rate of bacterial grow...

Striving for the very best

10 June 2014

Daily Fresh Food is focused on quality, even when purchasing packaging machines. They come from Multivac. “We did try a cheaper-brand machine once,” says Marcel Devilee, director at Daily Fresh Food. “But we soon reconsi...

Belgische Mora kiest voor Tramper S-360 traysealer

13 May 2014

A Tramper type S-360 servo-controlled tray sealing machine has recently been installed and is now operational at snack specialist MORA’s facility in Mol, Belgium. Running at a continuous capacity of an impressive 16 cycl...

Het Packhuys

15 April 2014

Het Packhuys is a new address for companies that are active in the food processing sector. Het Packhuys offers a wide assortment of dosing and packaging machines, top-seal trays (any type of material) and top-seal films....

Origin labelling

15 April 2014

There is still much debate about the need to provide details of the origin of ‘meat used as an ingredient’ on food labels. In the future, it may become mandatory to indicate the origin of all meat used in meat preparatio...

not only the 'small print' needs to be bigger

15 April 2014

The transition period lasts until 13 December 2014, and from 14 December it will be mandatory for all foods sold in the European Union to comply with Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011. Unfortunately for marketing departments...

new generation of Multivac labellers

15 April 2014

At Interpack, from 8-14 May 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Multivac will be presenting a completely new conveyor belt labelling machine. This machine forms the basis for a whole new generation of labellers, namely the Base...

Misleiden - verleiden

15 April 2014

On 26 March, the Dutch Safety Board published a report on the risks in the meat chain (Risico’s in de Vleesketen) which identified important bottlenecks in the meat chain and how it is monitored by the Netherlands Food a...

Supervac Vacuum machines

03 January 2014

Since 1 February 2014 Ultrapak BV has been the sole representative of Supervac vacuum machines for the food industry. The range comprises chamber vacuum machines, belt vacuum machines, shrinking tunnels and drying tunnel...

'new-style labelling'

03 January 2014

When Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 comes into force, at least 95% of all current food packaging and labels will need to be adapted. There’s no doubt that adequate preparation is important! The date is rapidly approach...