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The added value of using robotics

The first automata operated on water, steam and radar mechanisms. They were mainly used for entertainment; moving puppets, self-playing instruments or walking animals. Leonardo Da Vinci even built a complete mechanical k..

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Packaging contributes to customer service

11 October 2021

Belgian company DECO Frites delivers potatoes peeled and cut into chips to its own region, and to a part of the southern Netherlands. Service and quality are of paramount importance. A new packaging machine helps to keep...

Fully automated packing department at Hoogvliet

11 October 2021

Bleiswijk is home to Hoogvliet's brand-new DC; state-of-the-art and ready for the future. Delivery reliability, efficiency and quality and especially hygiene were given top priority in the design. Alex Goedemondt, Proces...

Unlimited creativity?

11 October 2021

In a previous job, I once developed a robot in a small team that was able to imitate very complex human movements; the type of robot used in the car industry. The whole analysis was automated from beginning to end. That ...

delaware ‘State of the art’ ERP solution

11 October 2021

Delaware assists global food, automotive and engineering customers with their business and digital transformations. In the Benelux, more than 150 food customers use the company's services, from meat processors to biscuit...

Stainless steel robot enters sector

11 October 2021

Limited choice of materials makes robotisation a challenge in the food industry. Two employees at Jansen Techniek did not give up and developed R-OP, a unique pick & place robot that replaces a rotary table and a per...

Van Meines Fishconcepts chooses ReflexBlue

11 October 2021

How do you automate business processes quickly, but keep the system simple to use? That was the challenge Mick van Meines of Van Meines Fishconcepts faced. He took up the challenge and now relies on the smart, well thoug...

New concept MAMA's Meals

11 October 2021

After almost a year of preparation, the new 'Mama's Meals' went live this spring. Since then, the ultra-fresh ready meals have been on sale throughout the country. Estrategy built the webshop. Mama's Meals originated ...

LT Foods chooses delaware's extensive food knowledge!

05 October 2021

LT Foods already works worldwide with SAP S/4HANA. To optimize the use of the application they were looking for a partner. They also wanted to automate more tasks and connect to the newest techniques. Based on delaware's...

Join us at delaware discover week 2021

28 September 2021

Write it down in your agenda: 3 and 4 November 2021! This year again, we proudly and enthusiastically host our Delaware discover week. We will treat you to sparkling delaware discover talks, during which our host, Annema...

Complex food company thrives on standardisation

13 September 2021

For a complex production company with a continuous flow of new food concepts, products and customers, an automation system for the control of information flows is extremely important. The Future Food Group found assuranc...

Used, originally reconditioned machines at Empack

31 August 2021

As a fresh produce producer you have the choice at MULTIVAC of state-of-the-art packaging or processing machines as well as used machines with original spare parts. Fast delivery for a smaller budget and still responsibl...

Number of food webshops through the roof

23 August 2021

Because of corona we shop online massively. So it's only logical that the number of new webshops is going through the roof. The number of new food webshops grew the fastest in 2021, with 39% (from 4,660 to 6,500). Among ...

Automatically provide healthy product formulation

06 July 2021

Calculating the Nutri-Score is the newest tool in the FAST-Template for Food. The Nutri-Score is calculated based on your recipe and provides immediate insights during recipe creation. This allows you to change recipes i...

Cod processed in one and a half minutes

15 June 2021

Sustainability right down to the last detail, exponential growth, transport with our own lorries and an extensive range of products are just a few of the characteristics of Adri & Zoon, a total fish supplier. To achi...

Digitalisation at manufacturer Autodrop

14 June 2021

Twelve million kilos of sweets roll off the conveyor belt of manufacturer Concorp, known for Autodrop. The third generation of this family business is preparing for the next phase of growth, and is focusing on innovation...