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Food safety: much can be achieved with common sense

Companies in the food chain are expected to do everything that is reasonably possible to prevent people from getting sick from food. Yet there are still outbreaks and almost daily recalls. This suggests that food safety ..

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Column Saskia Stender: Freedom of choice

16 May 2022

I wrote this column on 5 May, the Day of Freedom. The right to freedom, freedom of expression and freedom of choice. I want to talk about the latter. Take deep-frying fat, which has become scarce. The shelves are empty, ...

Recyclable barrier packaging now a reality

16 May 2022

The food chain is facing major packaging challenges and is looking for more sustainable solutions. For example, for a new material with the same good properties as laminated versions, but which is recyclable.  Wh...

Listeria: How to get rid of it

16 May 2022

In the food industry, there are still many contaminations with - and recalls caused by - Listeria monocytogenes. Simply because companies bring this pathogen indoors every day; the bacterium can be found everywhere in th...

Strategic Food & Beverage Business Event

16 May 2022

Taking your Business to the Next Level Do you want to be at the forefront of the Food & Beverage sector and maintain a healthy profit? Then it is essential to be up-to-date with the latest trends and developments....

Ready for the barbecue season

16 May 2022

Schomaker Convenience Technik GmbH develops and manufactures innovative machines for the convenience food and meat industry, including frying and cooking lines, breadcrumbing and marinating systems, baking and cooking ov...

WFSR: 'We are getting better at preventing food crises'

16 May 2022

In the event of a major fire, radiation incident or food scandal, the government wants to know quickly whether the food and drinking water are still safe. Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR) provides the government wi...

BEAT 'M All Slicer by Sleegers Technique starts a revolution

16 May 2022

The Beatle, the car with rounded shapes is known worldwide. Will the new Beat 'm All Slicer achieve the same fame? That is the aim of inventor Huub Sleegers. A road that took ten years, but became truth at LaBoucherie an...

Column Judith Witte: Taking risks

16 May 2022

Just before Easter, my daughter left in the middle of the night for a 2-year postponed school trip '24 hours to Paris'. Early in the morning, I had the following whatsapp conversation with her: She: Mom, can I have Ki...

Cleaning for allergens: Rushing is not an option!

16 May 2022

Innovation is in the heart of food hygiene specialist Christeyns. The 'Allergen Defense' programme is the latest development in allergen control.  Just after the Second World War, in a backyard in Ghent, the firs...

Foodsafe and sustainable: does it go together?

16 May 2022

Making the cleaning process more sustainable requires some rethinking. Start by looking at your process and the resources you use with different eyes. Find that you can already realise (sustainability) gains with a few s...

Online edition May 2022: Food safety

16 May 2022

Food producers are expected to do everything reasonably possible to prevent people from getting sick from food. Yet there are still outbreaks and recalls almost every day. Apparently, ensuring food safe...

New leadership for De Korrel Beheer

16 May 2022

On 1 August 2022, De Korrel Beheer will welcome a new managing director. Erik van den Brink is taking on that role at the producer in the field of flavours, coatings and functional blends. "The company has a special plac...