Online edition May 2022: Food safety
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Online edition May 2022: Food safety

  • 16 May 2022

Food producers are expected to do everything reasonably possible to prevent people from getting sick from food. Yet there are still outbreaks and recalls almost every day. Apparently, ensuring food safety is not 100% under control.... Is that even possible? Three experts talk about it.

We are getting better at preventing food crises'.

In the event of a major crisis, such as a fire or food scandal, the government wants to know quickly whether food and drinking water are still safe. Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR) gives advice. How do they operate? And what new risks do they see for the future?

And read how Farm Frites and Oerlemans Packaging are working together to make packaging more sustainable. And how we can make cleaning more sustainable and prevent listeria infections.

Food safety: Much can be achieved with common sense
Foodsafe and sustainable: does it go together?
Cleaning for allergens: Rushing is not an option!
BEAT 'M All Slicer by Sleegers Technique unleashes revolution

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