To renovate is to innovate: Henri van de Bilt renews
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To renovate is to innovate: Henri van de Bilt renews

  • 08 April 2024
  • By: Esther van der Lelie

The desire was to professionalize the work environment. The result is a renovated production location, now antibacterial and hygienic. A smart renovation approach has turned dreams into reality for the meat processing company Henri van de Bilt in Beuningen. Their collaboration with Jack-it Sealwise is enabling them to fulfill their future ambitions.

"Due to increasingly stringent food safety requirements, we wanted to upgrade our factory," says Jeroen van Ginkel. He has been the maintenance manager of the pork processor Henri van de Bilt in Beuningen since January 2022. It's a family business that's part of the OSI group, a global leader in food production. “I love my job in the meat industry, I am proud of our company and our product. Quality always comes first, and we never compromise on that," emphasizes Jeroen.

Effects of salt, fat, and cleaning agents

In 2019, a 6,000 m2 production hall was added to the existing factory in Beuningen, expanding it to 20 hectares. Jeroen explains, “In our factory, we process various meat products, up to and including ready-to-eat products. Due to the dynamic production process, regular cleaning is necessary. This causes minor damages on walls. We immediately repair these damages, as they can become hotspots for bacteria, compromising food safety.” Aesthetically, the factory didn’t get any prettier.

Solution with antibacterial wall panels

On LinkedIn, Jeroen read posts by Jack Pluim of Jack-it Sealwise. With the factory's situation in mind, he reached out. Jack visited, they discussed the issues, and a partnership was formed. They considered whether re-spraying and sealing the walls would yield the desired result. That didn’t seem to be the case. "Replacement was impractical as it would cause too much downtime. For the company, it's essential that the basics – walls, floors, and ceilings – are in good order.”

“The best option was to apply a second layer with Sealwise,” adds Jack. “These are our strong, waterproof, antibacterial, antiviral, and even bactericidal panels made from recycled PVC, also meeting the A1 fire class.”

Improving the quality of the work environment

In March 2022, Jack and his team started the job. They tackled each area, one by one, in a uniform manner. The Jack-it guys apply the Sealwise panels with edge protection to prevent damage from, among other things, large electric pump trucks. Then they seal them with Inotec, proven to resist dirt and cleaning agents. It’s a continuous process to elevate the quality of the work environment. Jack notes, “Without stopping production, as we work outside production hours, including weekends.”

Transparent collaboration

Jeroen is extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Jack. “He looks at the activities and chooses the right components that will help the company in the long run. You know exactly what you're getting into. He's straightforward, transparent, and only charges for work actually done.” Jack listens intently, succinctly affirming Jeroen's statements with "That's correct." He expresses pride in his team's work. “We work with a reliable crew here. We’re given the freedom to do our job, which is great. I closely monitor the team's effort, as our work's quality must be top-notch. There’s no in-between, otherwise, issues arise later. We’re not creating a patchwork; it's a cohesive ensemble.”

Future-oriented innovation

The renovation project is expected to be completed before the summer. Then, Jeroen and his 120 colleagues will see their 2022 wish for professionalization become reality. It's a promise for the future, as with an even higher-quality base environment, Henri van de Bilt can work towards their ambition: consistency of the product and continuously improving its taste and presentation. Thus, the renovation contributes to innovation looking forward.

Main photo: Jeroen van Ginkel (left) and Jack Pluim

Photos: © Studio38C

Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie 2024