Practical guide: Listeria protocol
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Practical guide: Listeria protocol

  • 08 April 2024

Many companies in the food industry have successfully addressed their Listeria issue with assistance from SimpelDesinfecteren. This company has been successfully supplying the Nocotech disinfection system to the food industry for years. The system is highly effective in reducing infection pressure.

Increasingly, companies are not only requesting the Nocotech disinfection system but also seeking the expertise of the men behind SimpelDesinfecteren: Hugo ter Hoeve and Robert Kostrubiec. "To properly tackle a problem like Listeria contamination, a comprehensive approach is necessary," explains Hugo ter Hoeve. "This means looking at a wide range of issues. The entire cleaning process must be scrutinized, determining if - and if so, how - bacteria are being transferred from room to room, examining air ventilation and evaporators; but also matters like sampling, personal hygiene, preventive measures, and so on. It's all relevant to the overall picture and finding the right solution."

Practical tool

To further support companies, SimpelDesinfecteren has now developed a 'Listeria protocol,' utilizing their extensive experience with food safety systems such as HACCP, BRC, FSSC 22000, and IFS. "Our protocol serves as a practical guide for companies. It sets a standard against which they can assess their processes and a tool to improve them."

Hugo and Robert see positive results in companies that have already implemented this. "Of course, Nocotech disinfection plays a key role in this," emphasizes Robert. "Depending on the level of contamination, the dosage is determined for a certain period. If a downward trend in infections is observed, the dosage can be adjusted. This is done in stages. A certain dosage is still required; it ensures that Nocotech keeps the infection pressure low, preventing microorganisms from flourishing."

Fully automated

"The role of Nocotech, alongside all other measures, is quite significant," Hugo summarizes. "Laboratory results show that it works better than manual disinfection. A major advantage is that the system is fully automated; hence, no human errors can occur. Thanks to the use of the module and dashboard, everything is under control and can be managed from a phone or PC. Every treatment is traceable. We can’t possibly  make it any simpler."

Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie 2024