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The Dutch are willing to eat more insects

Dutch people are very open to the idea of eating more insects. 1 out of 5 Dutch people (21%) have already eaten insects or insect-based food. This is shown in research commissioned by Ÿnsect. When the advantages in te..

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Zweistra on the way to a clean label

13 September 2021

Butcher Zweistra is testing a whole new vegan-blend for his product range. Like many other food producers, he wants a clean label for his products. Natural additives can make an important contribution to this.  K...

Pieter Vos: people don't trust anything they don't know

13 September 2021

Every culture has its own customs; food cultures differ too. Worldwide, the differences are enormous at first sight. Yet everywhere, the ingredients seem to provide enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals for a healthy l...

Protein from duckweed: from ditch to delicious

13 September 2021

Plant-based and sustainable is the diet of the future. Variety of plant-based proteins in products and ingredients increases. These plant-based proteins have their own unique properties that will help shape products in t...

A tasty vegan cheese

13 September 2021

Is it possible to make a tasty vegan cheese? It seems that the biggest hurdles have been overcome. The first vegan cheese products with natural flavours will be on the market this month.  Last year, a number of c...

Mindyourmeat; Product development with passion

13 September 2021

On October 4th, Leo van Etten, owner of 'De Nieuwe Slager', will start a new company specialised in meat substitutes for chefs and butchers. Pieter de Ruijter, commercial manager DEGENS (the butcher's branch of SOLINA-GR...

It's rush hour in protein land

13 September 2021

It cannot have escaped anyone's attention: proteins are, without exaggeration, the centre of attention. No wonder: the world population is growing, in many places prosperity is increasing, which goes hand in hand with in...

Roadmap Plant Proteins

08 September 2021

 Today, we are facing an unprecedented challenge to produce and distribute adequate protein to feed over nine billion people by 2050, in an environmentally sustainable and affordable way. Protein calories consumed by peo...

Pitfalls in a vegetarian or vegan diet

23 August 2021

In the production of meat substitutes, the emphasis for producers is mainly on replacing animal proteins with vegetable proteins and less on a healthy composition of the product, according to Ciaran Forde, professor at W...

Plant-based foods market to hit $162 billion in 2030

17 August 2021

The plant-based foods market could make up to 7.7% of the global protein market by 2030, with a value of over $162 billion, up from $29.4 billion in 2020, according to a new report by Bloomberg Intelligence (BI).  G...

Top 9 myths about plant-based food

10 August 2021

There are still many misconceptions about plant-based food in the Netherlands. This is evident from research commissioned by Upfield. Many people in the Netherlands incorrectly believe that vegetable alternatives to meat...

Can we trust cultured meat?

04 August 2021

Cultured meat seems to be conquering the world. When such a new product enters the market, consumers must be able to trust that it complies with all European legislation and regulations regarding food safety. Research by...

NEN wants ISO working group for plant-based food

12 July 2021

NEN has submitted a proposal to ISO to set up a new working group to work on technical definitions and criteria for plant-based food.  Various studies show that not only the demand for plant-based meals is increa...

Protein transition on existing production lines

08 July 2021

How can you determine whether existing production spaces, machines or lines are also suitable for processing protein-rich raw materials, manufacturing or packaging plant products. To guide the accelerating protein transi...

Plantaardig geen bedreiging dierlijke sector

29 June 2021

De markt voor alternatieve eiwitten voor vlees en zuivel zal tot 2035 flink doorgroeien. Maar hoe hard gaat deze transitie nou echt? Met het verwachte consumptieaandeel van 4% resp. 9% blijft het een niche en hebben de v...

Boermarke: Plant-based cheese is booming

14 June 2021

Boermarke has guaranteed ‘dairy at its tastiest’ for more than 30 years. Both traditional milk products and high-quality plant-based alternatives find their way to the shelves in shops. Since the end of 2020, the Twente-...