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MAP packaging creates certainty

  • 08 March 2021
  • By: Dominique van den Boogaard

Production lines that stand still, products that are spoiled early and returned; these are things that every food producer wants to avoid. "We support food producers who work with MAP packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), and do everything we can to monitor quality and gas composition," assures Geerd-Jan van der Poel, sales consultant at Handelsonderneming PD. 

'Gas and leak detection can be integrated in the production line, ensuring that all products are checked'

PD's professionals are specialist technicians who think along with producers and look for solid solutions. With their knowledge and years of experience with gas, mixing, testing and analyzing equipment, they build the bridge between customer and manufacturer. "We advise the customer and provide service, repair and maintenance. And we are happy to work with the manufacturers to ensure that the products remain in tune with market demand."

MAP packaging prevents reputation damage 

The ratio of the gas mixture in MAP packaging determines the shelf life of the products. Food manufacturers do a lot of research to find the best mix ratio. Geerd-Jan: "Gas mixing and leak-tight packing must be done optimally to ensure that the mixing ratio in the packaging is correct." To this end, PD works with machine manufacturer Witt, the world leader in MAP packaging. Witt develops reliable mixing and control equipment, including gas mixers, gas detection and leak detection equipment. "For each production line there is a tailor-made solution. Apart from the wide product range, we can also build our own solutions. That's where our expertise lies. That is a great added value for customers." 

MAP packaging with gas and leak detection

Both gas and leak detection can be integrated into the production line, so that all products are checked. "We also supply equipment that can be used to test randomly to ensure that the gas composition is in order and that the packages are completely sealed. This equipment is used outside the production line. In addition to being reliable, the equipment is user-friendly and fast. We ensure that the producer gets the right equipment for the production process."

MAP packaging helps with quality control 

Everything is aimed at achieving failure-free production and packaging control, says Geerd-Jan. "That already begins with the expert advice on site and the delivery of the quality equipment from Witt. Followed by professional commissioning and clear explanations." Periodic maintenance of machines and equipment is usually set out in the quality protocol. "But maintenance is more than just compliance. Our committed technicians also check the settings and regularly give additional instructions. Where necessary, parts are cleaned or replaced, so that the gas mixer, leak tester and analyzer work optimally again until the next inspection." 

Quick response in case of failure

Handelsonderneming PD is a company that continues to develop, a company that has been around for a very long time and where solid professional knowledge is available. "We are used to responding ad hoc to breakdowns. There is a bulk of experience at PD. We understand how important it is for a production line to continue or be down for as short a time as possible. Our mechanics are trained by Witt. We don't think in terms of problems, but only in terms of possibilities and solutions." If the equipment cannot be repaired on site, it is taken to the specialist workshop of Handelsonderneming PD. "In that case, it is possible to place loaner equipment so that production can continue. Defective equipment can be sent in. "Because we repair the equipment ourselves and have a well-equipped warehouse, we save a lot of time."


"Our service can be summarized as follows," Geerd-Jan concludes. "The solutions provided are carried out as quickly as possible and, of course, expertly. If this solution is not (immediately) possible, we immediately look for another way to resume production. It is our job to ensure that everything is properly coordinated and that the service process runs optimally. To minimize disruption in production. That's what all our sales and service processes are focused on!"

Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie 2021