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Foodvalley - Join the journey

  • 01 April 2023

Our mission: In 2050 the food system needs to offer food security to 10 billion people worldwide. Tasty, affordable, healthy and sustainable food, produced with respect for animals and our planet. 

It is a major challenge but one that is achievable if we join forces to shape the future of food together. This is quite a journey! Our role in this journey is to bring people together to tackle these  obstacles jointly. Sometimes this journey leads us along a winding road, meeting different parties and perspectives on the way. But we always welcome shortcuts so we can move forward faster together.

As a Practice Leader, Foodvalley NL guides parties from thoughts and ambitions into practice. From boardrooms, farmers and GPs to lawyers and NGOs. As an independent organisation, we drive collective action with frontrunners across sectors and countries. We provide access to the right people, financial resources, shared facilities and best practices. 

We can do that because we are an independent organisation. We work with international frontrunners collectively moving forward. Working on food transition is not a straight path towards 2050. It is more of a winding road, sometimes with shortcuts. We know our way around.

And the result? Great viable and sustainable products on the shelves and ways in which we can produce more sustainably with shorter supply lines.

Want to join us on our journey?

We have highlighted some of our areas of expertise in the Special Foodvalley 2023.

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