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Foodvalley - Join the journey

  • 21 November 2022

A typical journey with Foodvalley starts with preparatory work so that innovations can land. We identify opportunities and build perspective towards the food transition towards 2050.

Sometimes it's a winding road, to keep everyone on board. But we always like short cuts so we can accelerate. On our way, we find the right partners at the right time. We connect right across organisations.

From the boardroom, farmer, GP, lawyer to NGO. Starting a specific initiative or building a community are good ways to make innovations big together. The initiatives can grow with the help of the support services; enterpreneurship, shared facilities and global connections.

This results in beautiful viable sustainable products on the shelves and ways we produce more sustainably with shorter supply lines.

Will you join us on our journey?

We have highlighted some of our areas of expertise in the Special Foodvalley 2022.

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