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Foodvalley - international partnerships

  • 01 April 2023

People around the world are working on themes similar to those of Foodvalley. It is crucial to identify what is relevant and initiate the right collaborations to accelerate and export concepts where appropriate.

Paola Giavedoni
Lead Global Connections

Those looking to introduce an innovation in a new geographical market face major challenges: different volume availability, language barriers, cultural differences, different taste preferences and legal and regulatory issues. "The fact that a particular concept is successful in Western Europe doesn’t mean it will also be successful in Singapore or India, for example, and vice versa. You have to properly explore the playing field with the attitude that one size fits all doesn’t work," explains Paola Giavedoni.

We are good at collaborations that aren’t obvious

"At Foodvalley, we help with the acceleration by, among other things, establishing international relationships and testing together whether a concept is ready for the next regional market," says Paola Giavedoni, Foodvalley’s Lead Global Connections. With her background as an experienced R&D leader with extensive international experience in the Agri-food sector, she is at the centre of the international playing field of research partners, startups and scalers and organisations involved in food and health. 


Foodvalley is well connected Internationally: "In addition, as the Food Innovation Hub Europe, we work in a global network of Food Innovation Hubs, a collaboration facilitated by the World Economic Forum (WEF). This collaboration gives our partners and us visibility on very different stages. A great recognition for our work." The Food Innovation Hub Europe focuses, among other things, on the topic of personalised nutrition – see also Judith van der Horst-Graat's contribution.  

Giavedoni: "Here, an important question is how to prevent and slow down obesity. By launching competitions, for example, we get new concepts that receive funding for further development. The foodtech startups Verdify and Happ, for example, received a cash prize and can therefore proceed to further test and roll out their concept internationally together with the partners involved. At the Jeroen Bosch hospital, for example, Happ is testing an app that encourages overweight adolescents to adjust their eating behaviour."

Extraordinary partnerships

Former colleague Jeroen Wouters, who played a major role in setting up our international network, is fond of partnerships that are not immediately obvious: "This is something Foodvalley likes to encourage." 

During the recent Women's Volleyball World Cup, Foodvalley and several partners gave startups the opportunity to share their concepts with others: "Next to the GelreDome, two pop-up restaurants were set up where Ynsect, GreenFood50, LekkerLupine and Phycom, among others, were able to present their products to an international audience. After all, we not only want to link Dutch parties to a global network, but also draw foreign parties' attention to the interesting developments taking place here." Paola gladly builds on his work.

Below are some recent showcases.

Want to know more about Global connections and what we can do for you? Get in touch with Paola Giavedoni.

Lekker Lupine

Lekker Lupine promotes the consumption of organic lupin in the Netherlands and is an international example of the protein transition. The company provides a platform for parties active in the lupin business to strengthen sales, information exchange, activation and connection.


Based in the Netherlands, Greenfood50 works with partners around the world to make innovative ingredients from sustainable quinoa. Consumers can use these ingredients to make tasty, healthy and sustainable food.  Greenfood50’s ingredients can help feed the world's growing population.


Happ offers tailored digital advice on nutrition that is sustainable for people and planet. Happ contributes to a healthy diet and makes personalised nutrition accessible to all.

Global FOODture

Global FOODture seeks to accelerate the sustainable food transition through cooperation and innovation. With the development and implementation of globalisation strategies, the EU cooperation project supports European SMEs in accessing Japan, Singapore, Thailand and South Korea through workshops, matchmaking sessions and two innovation missions in 2023.


Phycom's mission is to make microalgae a common ingredient in our global food system. We need more food to feed the global population, while at the same time reducing the environmental pressure on agriculture. Algae – small, fast-growing and highly nutritious ingredients – can make a significant contribution to achieving this.


Nutrition with insects as the new normal: that is what Ynsect is striving for. The company grows mealworms in vertical farms and turns them into sustainable and nutritious ingredients for humans and animals. Ynsect was founded in Paris and operates in France and the Netherlands, since its recent acquisition of the company Protifarm.


Verdify has developed a technology that makes it easier to eat healthily and sustainably. The company’s software offers personalised recipes tailored to the needs and preferences of individual consumers. In this way, Verdify contributes to a more sustainable diet worldwide.

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