Marjolein Brasz - CEO Foodvalley
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Marjolein Brasz - CEO Foodvalley

  • 21 November 2022

We are on a journey, towards a new balance. In 2050, we want healthy, affordable and delicious food.

Sustainably produced, of course. And for the people who will be living then: a world population of no less than about 10 billion. Of course, we won't reach that destination overnight.

Because there are obstacles along the way. At Foodvalley, we don't shy away from such obstacles. We pave the way so that innovations from frontrunners successfully find their way to supermarket shelves, for instance. We do this by giving direction and support to the frontrunners who want to make an impact on our entire food system with their innovations. We would like to invite you on our journey in 'shaping the future of food'!

Three focus areas

To reach the above final destination, we focus on three sub areas: the protein transition, food & health and circular agrifood. We do this for a very broad group of stakeholders. From farmer to family physician, from scientist to entrepreneur, from startup to multinational; they are often working on the same topics from their own expertise and function(s) and they ask themselves the same kind of questions; without being aware of the overlap. As a result, supply and demand do not (yet) connect well.

Our role is to put all those puzzle pieces together and make them fit, in order to arrive at something bigger together. Our work often starts long before a product launch. We delve into the capillaries of new developments that are often still under the radar. In this way, we develop in-depth knowledge and experience about what is promising and what is not. Our role requires driven people, who build trust and warm networks. We continuously ask ourselves questions such as "Where are opportunities?" and "What is the right time to step into new developments?"

To arrive at answers, we do important preliminary work. Think of developing a common language so we understand each other better, or formulating an overarching vision and goal. But also in making 'golden matches', because thanks to our finely meshed international network, we know very well what is going on with whom. Together, we get further than each on his own!

We have fantastic innovation leads for each of the three subsectors: Jolijn, Judith and Jeroen. You will meet them in this special.

They take a deep dive into a topic with their teams and come back with something a wider group -often with opposing interests- can work on together. A good example is the joint initiative 'the Bean Deal'; a collaboration between 56 parties with the aim of increasing the protein-rich crops in the Netherlands (including lupin, field beans and soy) back on the map.

We ensure that those parties come to the table with each other and together make a long-term vision, so that everyone - especially buyers - also commits for the long term. This creates a market for a sustainable product.

Practical help from farm to fork

Part of our work is more practically oriented. Say, as an entrepreneur, you have a good idea or product - but not (yet) the right network or entrepreneurial skills. We look at what your solution, your business needs or you as a person yourself. We refer you to suitable existing programmes, or develop something new together. The goal: to make good solutions succeed.

We also do this support internationally. Because people all over the world are working on themes similar to ours. Jeroen Wouters is in the lead to find his way in this international playing field. He picks up what is relevant for our initiatives, communities and partners. He then initiates the right collaborations to accelerate things. And export concepts where appropriate.

Finally, Petra Roubos takes us into the cooperation with the WUR and explains how we link research, pilot and demonstration facilities to entrepreneurs who are testing their innovations.

Among other things, by drawing up a shared vision and cleverly combining funding and manpower, we also make R&D capacity accessible to a broad group of innovators.

Discover the magic

The journey towards our 2050 goal consists of many stages. A number of intermediate stations already offer magical vistas that have emerged from our (preliminary) work. Simply because we have the right people on board.

So discover the 'magic new food ingredients', for the future of food. And the ingredients of our approach to make concrete steps together. Foodvalley does that with everyone who wants to move forward, and in close cooperation with our partners.

The future of food has already begun. Magical after all!

Source: ©Foodvalley