Column Saskia Stender: Panic measures
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Column Saskia Stender: Panic measures

  • 21 November 2022
  • By: Saskia Stender

With everything that is going on in the market right now, the key focus of almost all companies is to cut costs. Energy prices are skyrocketing, everything is more expensive. Labour costs will rise 10% next year. And we don't know when there will be a turnaround. The money has to come from somewhere, so we all start cutting costs. Is that really smart?

So what are you going to cut back on? On staff? Doesn't seem wise to me, because when things improve again, you won't be able to fill the new vacancies with this tight labour market. Stop using gas? That has pros and cons and the alternative, electricity, is also pricey. Cut back on comfort then, by turning down the thermostat? Then your employees will be left sitting in the cold. Hmm, not ideal for productivity. All fine for the short term; but you will find yourself conflicted in the long term. So what then? 

It's better to review your business first, rather than start making panic measures. 

And then: automate and digitise! If you get that right, you can use your staff much more efficiently and do more with fewer hands. Optimise processes! This investment immediately pays off and will continue to pay off in the future. Consider a heat recovery system. With today's figures, it has a payback time of 1 to 3 years instead of 5 to 7. Think about it. 

More efficient internal logistics, energy-efficient refrigeration and freezer doors, saving energy when using compressed air or vacuum pumps, predictive maintenance, you name it. Ask your suppliers for help and make sure you can continue to grow in the future!

Saskia Stender

Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie 2022