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A quick introduction

  • 01 May 2018

The management team: Tim Hage – Managing Director

I set up the management team with great care, avoiding to choose for ‘yes-men’. Mart de Koning, John van Balen and Christiaan van Duijnen are great in their fields, all three of them. With them, you can win every war because in all situations they keep MULTIVAC’s long-term interests in mind.

It feels great that we can really speak of a ‘team’ that is committed to each other unconditionally and always supports each other. We are very dynamic and immediately make decisions once a subject has been thoroughly discussed. I am aware that to some staff this may seem a little fast!

Of course there is some substantial debate behind closed doors, and there may be various differences of opinion, but I like that. In those cases, too, fair play and serving MULTIVAC’s interests in the long term always decide the outcome. Everyone in the MT knows that it is always about the performance toward the client.

This MT is an important foundation that has brought us where we are now in the preceding years. Fortunately, we see plenty opportunities and great challenges for further growth in the future.

Elise van de Geer, our office manager, is also fully committed to MULTIVAC. She is our first point of contact through the telephone, knowing her way unerringly in the organisation.  She is responsible for HR and also manages the vehicle fleet – a real centipede, indispensable for the organisation.

The sales team: Mart de Koning – Sales Manager and responsible for the sales team

MULTIVAC’s sales team consists of 14 persons, including 7 account managers. Evert Wichers and Patricj Geerts each have their own region and mainly approach new companies. Evert works in the North of the Netherlands and Patrick in the South. The dividing line is around the A12. Besides, we have 3 Key Account Managers, Robert Ruesen, Ton van den Bosch and Hans Schalkwijk. They each have a fixed group of larger companies with which they maintain contacts.

The team of project managers consists of Paul Bons, Peter Schutte and Robert van Helden. They support the account managers by specifying, calculating and processing machines and subsequent deliveries in quotations and following through the projects. More and more often we are asked to also supply the packaging materials. This is taken care of by André Baars. He works together with Yentle de Jong who handles administrative and logistic matters for him.

With the takeover of TVI and the development of slicers by MULTIVAC, Roger Wijngaards from this product group has come to work for us as an account manager in the Benelux.

Saskia Cooman is a new business manager who takes care of all new developments and marketing-related matters. There is a central role for Karien van Bemmel, who takes care of all other administrative chores of the department, including archiving all finished projects.

The finance team: John van Balen – Controller and responsible for the financial department

MULTIVAC’s financial department consists of 5 persons. Besides the usual administrative tasks, machines are also ordered in this department.

In addition to all small tasks, the main tasks are divided as follows:
Aagje Nell is responsible for incoming and outgoing payments. She is also responsible for the invoicing of sold machines and service hours.

Erma Smit is the one invoicing the foil sold, booking cost invoices and taking care of debtor management. Together with Marco de Groot she is responsible for the ordering of machines.

Marco also takes care of the invoicing of the spare parts and the overtime administration of our technicians. In addition to this assistance with the monthly and annual accounts, Paul Bedijn, with his huge SAP knowledge, works continuously on the monitoring and improvement of our SAP processes.

The service team: Christaan van Duijnen – Manager Service / It and responsible for the service team

MULTIVAC’s service team consists of 29 persons (at this moment), including 19 field service engineers and 10 back-office colleagues.

The field service engineers take care of all activities in the field with skill and passion.

Gerard van der Meer and Hans Bunnik take care of the current and long-term planning. They work closely together with Mark Luiken and Gerard Brockhoff, who handle technical questions swiftly and professionally at the helpdesk. Spare parts and orders from the web shop are coordinated in our warehouse by Tom Sluijs, Arco Zaad and Vincent Kaya.

In our customer care maintenance contracts are handled by Willem Feer and various administrative assistance is handled by Joke Boele and Carla van der Waaij.

Our organisational chart with direct dial numbers and email addresses is available from Carla van der Waaij and is provided by Willem Feer at every visit.  

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