Column Saskia Stender: Ondernemen met plezier
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Column Saskia Stender: Doing business with pleasure

  • 07 February 2022
  • By: Saskia Stender

In recent years, we have shown how flexible we can be. We complied with all the measures taken to contain the pandemic. At first because we agreed that it was necessary, later against our will.

At every press conference, we have to wait and see what we are allowed or not allowed to do. Open restaurants? Oh no, not quite yet. Events that are cancelled one day before they start. Constantly 'looking forward to' with a profound disappointment that follows. For the guests, but certainly also for the companies that have to endure one disaster after another.

Next you read the news. There have never been so few bankruptcies as in 2021. Obviously, many companies have been kept alive artificially. That makes me so angry, a nice positive message that will undoubtedly take a dramatic turn this year. Because we're through, the generosity is over. Soon the tax authorities will come and demand their money and the discount on rents will be over. They will drop like flies. All those entrepreneurs who have put their heart and soul and by now their entire pension into the business. They will soon be left with a bankrupt company, a sky-high debt and a third mortgage on their house. 

In the food industry, too, there are distressing cases. But generally speaking, we cannot complain. We are lucky to be in the right sector. We can carry on, we will not see our life's work disappearing from underneath us. But I keep thinking that things can change overnight! We have certainly experienced that by now!

So I wish you lots of enjoyment in doing your business! You will never know how long it will last.

Saskia Stender

Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie 2022