The 10 most-read stories of October 2023
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The 10 most-read stories of October 2023

  • 02 November 2023

 In October, our website was again frequently visited. To ensure that you don't miss the highlights, we have compiled a list of the most-read stories and news articles of October for you.

EU wants to turn packaging world upside down

26 October | The EU is making significant strides in packaging management: from reuse and recycling to the ban on harmful substances. Discover Europe's green future vision.

NVWA temporarily suspends activities of 46 livestock farmers

17 October | The NVWA temporarily suspends 46 livestock farms due to toxic pesticide. Oversight on food safety and health. Read more about this precautionary measure

Hogeslag-Olst: Quality and Added Value

2 October | Beef producer Hogeslag-Olst stands for quality in product and collaboration, serves various markets, and has a rich history. Discover more.

Wiggers Vleeswaren: Safe and hygienic construction

16 October | Since the 1950s, Wiggers Vleeswaren has been known for Twentsche Bakleverworst and Bakbloedworst. Discover their journey from a traditional family recipe to a modern, hygienic location.

Visscher Seafood on new production lines: 'Brilliant'

16 October | Discover how Visscher Seafood continues to grow through efficient production lines and high-quality service. Innovative solutions in a competitive market.

Meat consumption hits historical low in 2022

4 October | The Meat Report 2023 reveals a declining trend in meat consumption among the Dutch. In 2022, a low point of 75.0 kg was reached. Discover the underlying causes.

EU Tightens the Belt on Nitrite and Nitrate in Food

9 October | The European Commission has unveiled new limits for nitrites and nitrates in food, as part of Europe's 'Beating Cancer Plan'

First Dutch circular meat substitute in the making

24 October | Discover the innovation of four Dutch companies: a sustainable meat substitute made with local ingredients. A taste revolution in the food industry!

Consumer votes against 'lemonade tax' on plant-based milk

20 October | Massive resistance against the 'soda tax'. Consumers are signing petitions against this tax on plant-based milk.

At 'What’s Cooking?' everything runs smoothly

16 October | The Belgian meat company 'What's Cooking?' is heavily focused on sustainability, safety, and innovation, with a growing plant-based portfolio for 2030.


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