Column Judith Witte: Changing (food) patterns
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Column Judith Witte: Changing (food) patterns

  • 11 September 2023
  • By: Judith Witte

Is it due to climate change? Was the wind a tad different this year? Or is it just sheer coincidence? This late summer, there’s an unusual number of grasshoppers in our garden. And it’s not just there; they’re just as content hopping straight into our kitchen. “Should I catch you and for once, not release you outside?” I quip to a couple of them clinging to the ceiling. “Perhaps I could roast, season, and eat you…” They don’t seem too perturbed by my jest. Frankly, neither am I. Shrimps? Delicious. Mussels? Absolutely delightful. Grasshoppers or mealworms? I’d give it a go. I’ve tried them before, along with ants and bee larvae. Yet, I can’t say I’m entirely on board. I’m all for change, but perhaps not just yet.

That our consumption habits are evolving is crystal clear. We dine differently than our grandparents did, different from the times of the Renaissance, and certainly different from the Middle Ages. Occasionally, the natural rhythm of change accelerates – and that's precisely where we find ourselves now. At times, a whirlwind emerges: a hype. The hallmark of such hypes is everyone blindly rushing towards a goal, but while running in the rat race towards success often forgetting what the actual target was.

I, too, have been guilty of running a tad too hard. “Could it be overuse?” my physio cautiously queried. 'No way,' I internally scoffed, only to admit aloud, “Possibly…” It was high time I took a moment for introspection, both metaphorically and literally. A period of relative respite to reflect on my real objectives. Fortunately, it was holiday time, so I granted myself that pause. During holiday hikes in the mountains, choices were refreshingly straightforward: which trail to follow? The shortest? Was it too challenging? Or a slightly longer one, possibly faster due to fewer hindrances and just as scenic. As I walked, my thoughts fanned out, providing a renewed perspective on life and clarity on my aspirations.

Every so often, it’s essential to step out of the relentless grind. To ponder on what you're genuinely striving for. Do you still recall the goals and dreams you're chasing – with your product, your enterprise, your team? Sometimes, pausing offers the clarity to discern the path you wish to tread in pursuit of your dream.

Judith Witte
[email protected]

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