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Laurens Hoedemaker: 'I am averse to fussing about power'

At the beginning of last year, Laurens Hoedemaker (51) took office as the new chairman of the Central Organisation for the Meat Sector (COV) and the Dutch Meat Industry Association (VNV). Before that, he was director of ..

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Fantastic new proteins …and where to find them…

21 September 2022

The protein transition is in full swing. Product developers and food technologists develop innovative ingredients and sustainable products: fantasy becomes reality. But ... how fantastic are they really? How can you keep...

Optimising aroma and taste of meat substitutes

21 September 2022

The demand for meat, dairy and fish replacement products is growing steadily. Producers are investing heavily to improve their range. Aroma and taste are the main challenges, because vegetable proteins from soya or peas,...

Column Judith Witte: Richness of flavour

12 September 2022

There I was, after an exciting hiking, climbing and scrambling trip in the Alps, enjoying a "Hausgemachte" spaghetti bolognese. It tasted different than at home. In fact, had I ever eaten this simple dish as good as I di...

Zodiac printer matches perfectly with foil packaging

12 September 2022

The Zodiac TTO printer is ideal for printing on labels and (flexible) foils. In various foil packaging machines, such as flow packers (horizontal and vertical), tray seal machines and thermoformers, this printer prints t...

Proud of the meat sector: Passion to efficient marketing

12 September 2022

Put two original butchers together and the conversation soon turns to their passion for the butcher's profession and a good piece of meat. Passion that still shines through in their current jobs at Diviande and Sismatec:...

Have you ever seen them? Black spots?

12 September 2022

They are fungi. They are common in production areas. That is why sealants are regularly replaced. But after a while the black spots return. The solution is to keep the fungi at an absolute low level. But how do you do th...

Column Pieter Vos: Functional, fast, easy

12 September 2022

Food, water and air are primary necessities of life; we cannot exist without them. But there is more to food than its functional aspect. We regularly celebrate its sensory, emotional and cultural components. Eating and d...

More production for Pure Ingredients

12 September 2022

There is a great demand for snacks that are not only tasty but also Halal. Snack producer Pure Ingredients therefore recently opened a third factory. New machinery ensures that even more people can enjoy products such as...

Column Jos Hugense: Down-to-earthness

12 September 2022

In recent months, there has been some hesitation in the abundant stream of euphoric reports about growth and even greater growth in the market for vegetarian and vegan products. McDonalds withdrew its vegetarian burger f...

Nutrilab is partner in food safety

12 September 2022

Food safety remains of great importance. Nutrilab acts as a loyal partner in guaranteeing and monitoring food safety. "We continue to offer all the facilities that you are used to from us. We think along with you and kno...

Learning, innovating and developing for a new market

12 September 2022

GEA supports startups, ingredient suppliers, and food processors in developing, scaling, and producing the nutritious new foods consumers are looking for. How do they do that? With years of expertise, specialised 'New...

Coding, labelling or inspecting meat substitutes?

12 September 2022

'Your success gives us pleasure'. At De Koningh they go out of their way to help you. With their reliable products and optimal service they make the difference every day. "For over 50 years small and large food companies...